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1. Posted by Peter (Admin 7208 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!

Just a housekeeping thing that may be of interest. I've created a public issue tracker for Travellerspoint so I can have a more transparent way of tracking the various bugs / issues / feature requests that need resolving on the site.

The issue tracker is hosted on Github. There's only the one issue in there right now because I just set it up, but I'll move across most of the private issues I have at some stage as well. Having it public I think makes it more useful.

Issue tracker

If you already have a Github account (or are keen enough to set one up), then you can also post issues you find on there. Or join in discussions on how to resolve them. Or subscribe to them so you can hear of changes.

It's a small thing, but hopefully helps to keep everyone informed about what's going on behind the scenes a bit.