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I am on a get-to-know trip to countries I am considering for a relocation. So not much into sights, rather terying to mix with locals and getting a vibe of places.

Sure, a country you loved/liked on a short trip might not be that great to live in long-term. But I am certain most of us wouldn't think about ever relocating to a city or country they haven't liked from day 1. Some places just give you off vibes for whatever reason, either climate, nature, architecture, culture or more than one of them isn't a good fit.

This year I was able to check our quite a lot of cities and towns in Southern Germany: Munich, Memmingem, Augsburg (where I was based), Ulm, Neu-Ulm + my sudden decision to visit Sazlburg for a few hours. Believe it or not, I spent just 3 nights but that was enough for me to decide where I would go back and where I can imagine I could live in. On such trips I always try to keep a low profile and mix with locals on trains and shop from supermarkets to imagine what daily life would be. I also did Athens later this year, 2 nights only were enough for this. If I did such a trip I wouldn't have wasted my time studying abroad where I ended up going...I could barely last 20 minutes in Munich, imagine if I had applied to uni there and had to quit or bear my decision. Augsburg also has a university but it also felt not a good fit, bad vibe to the place, but I was pleasantly surprised by Salzburg and... Ulm + Neu-Ulm believe it or not. ;) Will never relocate to a place I've never been in again, that's for sure!
Now it's Slovenia, Croatia, Northern Italy's turn, and after feeling so much at home in Salzburg and before that on trips to Vienna I'd like to give Austria a longer stay, too!

I wonder if I can be based in Graz for a few days and manage to visit Trieste, Ljubljana and Zagreb on the same trip? Or should I focus on the eastern portion: Graz, Maribor and Zagreb and maybe a quick side trip to Celje or even Ljubljana? Should I just leave coastal Slovenia and Italy/Trieste for another trip? I'm not from that rich of an EU country so I try to cram in as many places as I can on one trip...
I always find a time to at least see a few of the must see tourist sites (went ot the Maribel Gardens) but as I investigate the vibes/cultures/how being among locals is I don't visit any museums. How would you suggest I go about this trip? Thanks!

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Don’t miss Ljubljana. Trieste is rather sleepy.

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Thanks, I liked living in Bratislava so maybe Ljubljana could be even better. The nature in/around Ljubljana for sure looks better than that of Bratislava.

In fact Slovenia seems like one of the most beautiful European countries in terms of natural beauty I've seen. I'd say its architecture is also very good and quite varied: from Italian-looking Adriatic sea towns to the typical Central European architecture I know and love from my time living in Slovakia and Czechia. ;)

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