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1. Posted by Peter (Admin 7209 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!

I've been pondering people's motivations to travel over the last little while (see the other thread) and would like to expand on that a bit more with a poll of sorts. Since I don't have any polling capabilities built into Travellerspoint, this forum thread will have to do :)

So my question is this. If you had to rank these 5 things, what is it that you enjoy most when you are travelling? Please re-order into whatever is the correct order for you. This is my order - so please change it if yours is different or just copy / paste if yours is the same.

1. Cultural immersion (food, language, etc)
2. Escape from home stresses
3. Seeing new sights
4. Physical challenges
5. None of the above (Add your thing if you like)

And yeah, feel free to expand on any of it. Always happy to have discussions around the joys of travel!

2. Posted by AndyF (Moderator 2909 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!

For me it's mainly a blend of 3/4, followed by 1.

I primarily enjoy landscapes, seeing mountains and countryside plus more extreme things like glaciers and volcanoes. I wouldn't term this as "challenges", since to me that means an entirely different thing, "challenge walks" like bagging the UK's highest three peaks in under 24 hours, which for me is a big no, a blight on the local area. There's no competitive element to my hiking.

My second interest is architecture, which tends to bridge the "new sights" and "cultural immersion". I like languages too, and interacting with locals. Seeing the differences and commonalities is interesting.

3. Posted by leics2 (Travel Guru 6059 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!

For me it's 1 and 3, nothing more.

I'm interested in the way ordinary people live (now and in the past) and the 'new sights' I want to see almost always have historical interest. Like Andy I enjoy observing differences and commonalities and always try to learn at least the very basics of the relevant language.

4. Posted by BeateR (Full Member 266 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!

It's difficult for me to choose from the given alternatives. The closest would be 2,3, and 5. But I don't have stress at home. :)
So # 5: we want to escape the crowds here in Germany. So we always choose destinations in the natur with almost no people around. We mostly rent an RV, staying at campsites in Nationalparks or Naturparks, or stay in cabins in the woods.

5. Posted by Sander (Moderator 6010 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!

5. In addition to the below: going to places without crowds, where you can hike for an hour or more without meeting anyone else, and breathe air which is actually noticeably cleaner than what you'll find in and around the endless cities of Western Europe
3. Seeing new sights
2. Escape from home stresses
1. Cultural immersion (food, language, etc) Meeting friends in faraway places and being an active part of their lives for a short time.
4. Physical challenges

6. Posted by irenevt (Travel Guru 1212 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!

3, seeing new sights or indeed even revisiting old sights. I am normally very content to revisit familiar places and discover even more about them.

5, reconnecting with family and friends, because I live a long way from where I was originally brought up.

1, cultural immersion. Yes I'm always interested in seeing how other cultures live, trying their food and drinks, learning what I can about them.

2, Escaping from home stresses. At one time that was the stress and exhaustion caused by teaching. Now it's the noise, lack of privacy and dust of renovation that makes me feel like I am living on a building site.

4, Physical challenges not so much. I walk around I explore but I'm never going to set out to conquer Everest or rediscover the Titanic or anything like that.

7. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 2542 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!

3. I am primarily interested in seeing things. I don't know where that fits in your list if it fits at all because the sights don't have to be new. I want to see how things look with my own eyes and take photos of them and analyze them. If I could, I would reproduce them by painting, but that takes too long - I'm not a swift painter, so I take pictures instead. I like to go to places I have been previously and compare. Right now if I am traveling with someone and can't physically get to the locations to see them myself, I content myself with looking at their photos, but it isn't really the same.

5. A subset of 3 -I am very interested in history and architecture and I do a lot of work for a website called FindAGrave. So one of the things I do in a foreign place is take photos of the local cemeteries for that website. I try to find as much as I can about the people whose graves I photograph.

1. I disavow any desire for cultural immersion - I just want to see things, not experience them. I do like to talk to people whether local or other tourists and I love to try new things to eat. I am limited in what I can do in the drinking line since I do not drink alcohol.

4. The only kind of physical challenge I have done is getting to a good angle to take a photo from. I don't care for hiking unless I'm walking to a place to take a photo - I've had bad knees since 1969 when I did a lot of climbing stairs on Easter week. Although I will happily scuba dive or go parasailing or stuff like that if you consider that a physical challenge.

2. I am happy at home and don't really have that many stresses except that it is a little dull at home and I like to get out sometimes. And I don't need to go to places without people - I have that at home. I want people to talk to when I travel.

8. Posted by Peter (Admin 7209 posts) 13w Star this if you like it!

Thanks for all the answers everyone. Really interesting to see the different priorities! I realised after making my list, one other thing that often motivates people is probably best summed up as "the thrill of the new".

I think escaping stresses, escaping home boredom or escaping the crowds all kind of fall into the same bucket of escapism in my mind :) I can see a few variations on that in the answers. :)

By physical challenges I was just thinking of things like hiking, bikepacking, etc. Not necessarily climbing Mount Everest hehe

9. Posted by nzhamsta (Respected Member 791 posts) 13w Star this if you like it!

For me it also items 1 & 3, with enough physical exercise to enjoy the cold beer at the end of the day.

10. Posted by AndyF (Moderator 2909 posts) 13w Star this if you like it!

Quoting Peter

one other thing that often motivates people is probably best summed up as "the thrill of the new".

Yes, I'd say stimulation.