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I'm excited to share a concept I've been working on and would deeply appreciate your honest feedback and suggestions.

Context: I've planned several 4 - 8 (people) that last 10+ days. My planning process has been quite ancient by starting a spreadsheet, doing self research through Google, blogs and YouTube. I have made for some really amazing trips and creating unforgettable memories BUT the planning process is very long and tedious. I am a Software Engineer and thought it would be a good idea to make this process easier for myself and I figured others might be experiencing the same issue. Please read through the scope and features to better understand where I am currently with my idea and provide real and honest feedback.

The idea: AI itinerary trip planner website designed for travelers seeking a more hands-on planning experience. Use AI to assist in research, updating your itinerary through chat interaction and view your entire trip on an interactive map.

Feature #1: Quickly generate itineraries to popular tourist attractions

Picture this: you simply input a request like "Create a trip to Japan for 10 days," and within 30 seconds, the AI crafts a comprehensive 10-day itinerary, highlighting popular tourist spots.

Feature #2: Interactive Map

This tool not only proposes activities but also visualizes them on an interactive map, showcasing routes, timings, and directions between events, enhancing spatial awareness and planning convenience. We're also exploring the integration of accommodation locations on the map for a clearer view of your stay in relation to your activities.

Feature #3: AI Chatbot assistant

Chatbot assistant, enabling users to dynamically interact with their itinerary. Through this chatbot, you can request new activity suggestions & add them to your itinerary, swap out activities, or remove them entirely from your trip.

Future features and vision:

Create a tool that people would use to collaborate when it comes to a more hands-on trip planning experience. AI can handle your bookings for flights, hotel and activity bookings. Post-booking phase that has real-time news, current events (from the destination), travel check-list, and where users can come back to the website/app and continue to get curated suggestions while they are on their trip.

Thank you for reading this forum post. I am more then happy to connect with people off this forum post to discuss these ideas and seek feedback in greater detail.

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I think there is already a similar feature on Google map, where you create your own map (or map layer) and add notes to the markers you placed on the map.

You can already find museums, parks, hotels etc. via Google map search.

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I've tried a handful of AI trip planners at this point. I hate to burst your bubble, but there have been a bunch of these created already.

My conclusion was that aside from the novelty of it all, I was not particularly impressed by the suggestions. When trying to organise a 2 week trip to Darwin, one of them suggested I drive down to Alice Springs for the day

At the end of the day, I think I just would rather spend some time researching and lapping up the anticipation of the trip. Having an AI bot do it for me in 30 seconds takes away all the pleasure of researching my own trip. I also have deep concerns about how an AI bot inevitably will end up in all the tourists going to the same places causing considerable over-tourism effects for a select group of destinations.

Finally, the real sticking point for the various apps that have launched is how exactly they are going to monetise this. Will people pay for the AI suggetions? Because tapping into the OpenAI APIs on a large scale will naturally come with significant costs. This is not the kind of service that you can easily offer for free.

If you want a feel for the various activity in the travel AI space, have a look at Travel Massive. You'll find a sample of the various sites launched on there with similar goals.

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Thanks for the feedback! After doing some research it looks like there is a website that is already doing what I had in mind.

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