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Hi everyone,

I am new to this travellers forum. My name is Aleksa and I am a software engineer. I have stumbled upon an idea to build an application that would generate and offer trips to people. I have recently been planning a trip with my friends, and we had a problem of choosing where exactly in Europe we could travel, what we could visit there and most importantly for how much money, because the budget is also a big factor. So, I realised that an application that would plan the entire trip for you based on your budget and your preferences could be a good idea. I will present you how I designed the application work flow, and I hope you guys could tell me if you think something like this would be useful or even further if anybody thinks this could be monetized.

When a user opens the app, they can enter a budget for the entire trip, current location of the user and then they would go through a few prompts regarding the location of the trip. The user could stop at any level. For example, the 1st level would be to choose a continent, the 2nd level would be to choose a part of the continent (e.g. South Europe, Central Europe...). Furthermore, the user can choose a country or a city. After choosing a certain level, the app would generate possible trips for the chosen continent, part of continent, country or a city. The user would see a list of possible flights to the locations that are part of an area that was previously selected. After choosing a certain flight, the user could see a list of accomodations on the choosen location and the list. After choosing a flight and an accomodation, the user would be shown a list of venues or sight seeing tours that could be visited on the location with the remainder of the budget after subtracting the cost of flights and accomodation. In this way, you could save yourself a lot of time planning the entire trip, and have already delivered solutions that are in your price range.

This is roughly the way the main part of the app would look like. I would be very grateful if any of you could tell me if you would ever consider using something like this or even paying for the certain features of the app.

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When you were struggling to choose where to travel in Europe, did you make any attempts to find an app/website that could help you with this kind of thing?

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I found some websites that offer trip plannings, but not in the way I described it.

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...we had a problem of choosing where exactly in Europe we could travel, what we could visit there...

Welcome to the forum, Aleksa,
I'm scratching my head as we choose locations based on our interests, and there is already SO much easily accessed information out there regarding where to go and what to see when you get there that I can't see the need for (yet another) app. It's also very nice sometimes to be able to converse with humans, thus the value of forums like this one. ;)

There are also so many variables involved with planning individual trips that I don't see it being possible for an app to be able to do the entire job or do it as well as DIY, anyway. For example?

Who is traveling? A couple of young, healthy friends is a different deal than traveling with young children, mobility challenges or multi-generational family.

Citizenship plays into it as well. What passport will they be traveling on and which countries will they need a VISA, ESTA or (upcoming) ETIAS for? Which are the more economical locations when currency exchange rates come into play?

When are they traveling? This is a biggie as summer rates can skyrocket in many locations, and a big event, such as a festival, convention or (LOL) Taylor Swift concert in city___ can affect accommodation availability and tariffs tremendously as well. Paris during summer Olympics? Ouch. All-in-all, I don't see an app being able to accommodate those many variables.

Flights? What if air isn't the best method of transport, especially if the trip involves multiple countries or destinations within them? What about rail, road and water? Where/how does one buy tickets, see schedules, etc? What if the only way to get there is by rental car and you can't/don't drive?

What to see? It's more than that; it's also HOW. Depending on location, a fair amount of most-visited attractions are mandating advance timed-entry tickets these days, and they can be difficult to land during high season. Attractions can also change their hours, entry fees and ticketing processes on a dime, or close partially/completely in different seasons or with little notice. Official websites (versus 3rd-party tour/ticketing outfits) are often the best resources there.

Maybe you didn't plan on your app accommodating all of the above but all of the above are important parts of the trip-planning process. If the app user ends up having to employ many other resources to fill in the blanks, then why not just use those other resources to begin with?

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I find it hard to see how you would out-compete established players like Skyscanner, and Google.

Rather than just "budget" being the defining factor, there are lots of other considerations that impact what I need from a trip:

  • Departure airports
  • Departure times, what time I can get to a particular airport for, and whether that means a hotel stay is needed, at what cost and standard, and whether that means additional parking.
  • Where I've previously been
  • What I'm interested in seeing and doing
  • Seasons and climate
  • Dates of public holidays and special events in each city

If it's a flight-driven trip, Skyscanner already performs well. If I don't care which city I go to, that's my go-to.
If it's an activity-driven trip, something like Get Your Guide would be the first port of call, to string together a tour, and then decide whether to go with them or independently, and transport to the start point in the next step.

Your suggestion to plan the entire trip seems too wide a remit. Sellers of individual elements like accommodation or flights struggle to fit all of a customer's criteria together. If offers me a thousand hotels in Vilnius, to make the sale and get their commission they need to convince me of the right location, right facilities, right quality, and that it's safe booking with them. How do you do that better? And then, you have the hotel offering cheaper rates for booking direct. For flights, it's even more problematic to get your commission - look at any conversation about flights on this site and you'll see people suggesting to book direct with the airline to avoid problems. And you won't monetise this by getting people to pay for an app when there are free services available.

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There are already too many apps. The fun of planning a trip is . . . planning the trip.