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1. Posted by Rengin (Full Member 17 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


My wife and I are going to take some time out next year (2005) and wanna go round the world.
First to Sth America, then fly to to New Zealand, then over to Malaysia, overland heading north, then fly from Bangkok to Delhi, before spending a few months travelling round India.

We reckon Sth America for 6-8 weeks, N'Zealand for prob. 3-4 weeks, Malaysia/Thailand/Vietnam/etc for 3 months then India for 4-6 months.
But we appreciate these approx timings will alter all the time.

We know from experience to hit India Oct/Nov onwards due to monsoon.
That prob means:
Sth America = April + May (+June??)
New Zealand = June/July
Malaysia/Etc = (June??) + July + Aug + Sept + Oct
India= Sept/Oct + Nov...........

Not knowing Sth America & New Zealand at all, what kinda weather we gonna hit at these times??
Will we be looking at similar prices in Sth America as to Asia (hope so)
What kinda prices we gonna get in NZ?

We have been quoted approx £1000 (inc taxes) by STA travel for these kind of flights/stop overs etc. (Great Escapade Flights??)
How easy is it to change your flight details; should you, once in a country decide you wanna stay longer? Or move on earlier than anticipated?

We are not going to totally rough it, but certainly wont be staying at the best hotels. Any indictaion of what kinda money people saved before going away?



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Hi there - if you go to website - in there go to world weather and then select a country in the 'past weather' section - it gives you an idea of what the weather is like in each country all through the year - South America, New Zealand etc. It seems to be a very accurate site and helps me plan my itinery. As for money - depends on how luxurious you want to be. For a year if you want to occasionally eat out in restauarants, shop, take tours and activities, also enjoy the nightlife - I'd say to bring approx. 10K. I am not sure though - I'm prepared to rough it some places, do the odd adrenalin activity and party til dawn most nights - as well as eat out in restaurants and do tours - I am going for six months and bringing 7K. I want to have over a grand a month to spend though (and accommodation is more when alone) - I can then feel real comfortable but then I am an extravagent spender :) I'd say to work out how much you both would feel comfortable spending each month and multiply by twelve. Bearing in mind Asia is a cheap continent (unless you plan on visiting Japan which is alot more expensive)!! Going back to the weather - I know that November is a good time to visit India - fairly hot but not too hot. Also South America I am visiting around December to April time - should be warm nights there but can get pretty humid in the day most places as it is the wet season (according to website above - whereas beforehand I thought wet season was June/July)!! New Zealand (I think..) in June /July is same as OZ in the way that their winter is our summer - so it may just be fairly cool (like a british summer) when you visit in June/July). However website above should give info.

Hope this helps:)

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My wife and I did the same thing almost 17 years ago and never went back - talk about adjusting your flight schedule!!!!

We did the South Pacific Islands (2 months) to NZ (4 months) then to Australia (9 months) then to Indonesia (2 months), Malaysia (2 months), Thailand (2 months), back Australia (6 months), back to Thailand (2-1/2 years) and then it just went on and on until now we live in Panama.

I will say this - make sure on your RTW air ticket you can make changes - we could - we just didn't end up using over half of it!!!!

You will be in the fall going into winter in South America - depending on where you go it could be very cold with snow etc - especially Chile or Argentina in the Andes. Haven't had a chance to visit that part of the world yet so no specific advice. Prices are variable but with exchange rates you should do ok - e.g. Argentina is very cheap right now but coming back up.

Remember that June/July will be winter in NZ - not too bad in the north but it would be very cold in the South - we were in Dunedin/Queenstown in April and it was bloody cold and winter hadn't arrived yet.

We loved NZ though - found it hard to camp as we kept getting asked to stay with people when we were hitchhiking - can't imagine it's changed much... Watch out for the sheep jams... NZ isn't too cheap but coming in with US$ will help.

You will get some rainy weather in Malaysia and Thailand during those months but it usually only rains in bursts of a couple of hours. Overland travel in Asia is easy by comfortable bus or even train. Trains run from Singapore to Northern Thailand and are very affordable to use. As for the rest - very cheap to live and eat.

Vietman was great - spent 4 weeks there and only saw the South but from what others said that's the best part. We found it very inexpensive but little choice in lower end hotel accomodation outside the bigger cities - government hostels and really run down hotels. But an incredible country to visit.

Lived in Goa, India for a year and I am sure you will want to spend a whole bunch of time in this country - each area is so different - culture, food etc. Train and bus travel is quite the experience - like nothing you will have experienced before. Not sure about now but when we left there were some startup domestic airlines that were very inexpensive to get from main center to main center.

As for $$$ we save up almost CAN$20,000 before we left and found it didn't go anywhere as far as we thought it would - Tahiti, Cook Island, Fiji and NZ were quite expensive as was Australia - Worked in NZ as yacht skipper for 2 months for room and board - helped a lot and saw a whole different side to Northern NZ.
Then became a Dive Instructor in Australia and that's when life took a sharp turn - ended up running dive shops in Australia and Asia for 4+ years and then got into hotel management and kept on traveling - Turkey, India, Oman, Mexico and now Panama (6 years now)...

So be prepared - it might bite you like it did us... If you want any other advice/suggestions please contact me directly - I am in the Travel Help section under Central America - Panama

It's a great life - traveling - wouldn't have missed it for anything.



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I live in New Zealand.
From what other travellers have told me- I've met lots- 3-4 weeks in NZ is not enough.There's alot to see and do here no matter what your budget.
June and July are the middle of winter but it depends where u go as to whether its going to be freezing or not.
South Island is probably better for u to see as its so natural and the landscape is beautiful. In winter it can be quite cold ( Sth Is) especially lower region but the winter landscape makes up for it. Lots of skifields and tourists.
Nth Island is bigger and more populated. Winter is bearable.
Although so close the islands are really different geographically and culturally.

NZ is too hard to sum up! You'll love it here! The people are friendly and the land is so different.

Price wise $NZ1=33pence. Shocking!! You'll get so much for the pound here. You'll always be able to find accomodation to suit your budget. The most expensive things are the tourist activities, bunngees, adventure travel etc. a can of Coke costs $NZ1.80.

NZ is very modern, english speaking so its easy to get around and make travel arrangements.