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Is the travel agent job is good and profitable around the world?

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It totally depends on your client. Most travel agencies will pay a base salary and commission, I think it will be profitable around the world.

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In the "olden days" before the internet became so popular, travel agencies were more useful for ordinary travelers. My opinion, especially for first time international travelers.

Now days, it is easy to book flights, hotels and even tours on the internet using your own computer at home. I book my flights directly with my airline using my computer. This way if there is a problem I deal directly with the airline and the airline will take care of me.

Some hotels overseas may have a tour desk where you can book a tour in person if needed. Or, the hotel can suggest nearby trusted travel agencies to book a tour in person if or when you want one.

  • Overseas, in Asia in particular, from local travel agencies, I have booked round trip flights to cities in other nearby countries that included several nights in a hotel too. *I did compare the cost of the flight against buying direct and I was in a nicer hotel than I normally use. And I used an airline that I could accrue frequent flyer miles too. (There were signs in the travel agency windows with destination, price and hotel description.)

Before I fly overseas, if a repeat destination, I know where to stay and can book a room with a simple email. Any place overseas I intend to visit again I usually check out other hotels nearby for future visits.

Will you be making a decent salary doing this? Maybe yes, maybe no! There will always be people traveling overseas for the first time who have no clue on what to do except call or visit a travel agency. But you may eventually lose some of those customers after they talk to other travelers and gain confidence, etc.

Good luck.

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During Covid, a lot of travel agents went out of business because no one was traveling. All the TAs who were doing it as a hobby were particularly hard it.

A travel agent has to rely on commissions - I don't think many agencies pay salaries anymore at least not to novices in the industry.

In the old days before the internet, travel agents would get commissions for hotel and airline bookings. This is no longer the case. The only place that I am aware of that still pays commissions is the cruise ship industry.

This is a very complicated industry with many layers of possible cabin configurations and it isn't something that a novice is likely to be successsful at. Not to mention that you would have to have a client base of people who wanted to go cruising. Unless you have considerable travel experience, I don't think this is a good job for an amateur