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Hi there - I have two weeks in Norway late May/ early June and have a few days in Oslo and will then do the Bergen railway and spend a few days in Bergen. I was contemplating Alesund but may not have time as am keen to do Lofoten Islands which looks like I need to fly into Leknes or Svolvaer. I won’t have a car and am wondering which airport people recommend flying into and where you recommend visiting on Lofoten - which islands / towns? I heard Reine is a must? It’s probably 5 nights maximum for me. Any other thoughts appreciated. Thank so much!

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What I remember of the Lofoten is that there is very little to "do". It's an absolutely amazing environment to be in, but it's really all about the scenery. Reine in particular was gorgeous, but after the obligatory 500+ photos from every conceivable angle (quite proud of the below one) ;) and wandering around for half an hour - that was basically it.


There are a scarce few hiking trails scattered around the island, but they're hard to find, and not in convenient locations. Having access to some form of transport would be very useful. (If you're at all able to rent and drive a car, I'd strongly recommend going for that.)
See this map for those hiking trails. Click on "Turforslag", and then "Fottur" for hiking trails, with "Vanskelighetsgrad" (difficulty) set to whatever you're comfortable with. (I personally would think twice before attempting "Krevende".)

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I think you're right to prioritise Lofoten. The scenery is jaw-dropping.

The thing to do is drive-touring to enjoy the scenery, so it works if you are able to hire a car there. There are hikes but they are pretty rugged stuff. I've hiked the trail up from Reine going up Reinebringen for the classic viewpoint and some of it is a "haul yourself up by a rope" trail.

If you fly into Leknes it is only a short drive down to Reine and Å at the end of the peninsula. Perhaps an hour each way. Though plan on double that because of photo stops.

So it would be possible to fly into Leknes, hire a car (Avis are at the airport), and fly out again on the same day. You could drive to the end and back in about 3 hours.

Personally I'd love to see more of the area so I'd say stay for longer, and explore more of the island chain. I've not been to Svolvaer but it looks like it has more than Leknes, which was not much more than a hotel and a few shops and eateries. That looks like another hour's drive in the other direction, so a loop from either Leknes or Svolvaer could be one or two days.

The other airport is near Harstad, closer to the mainland end of the island chain. The airport is at Evenes. That would be a longer trip, maybe 10 hours raw driving so a few days.

So all of these are completely doable in your 5 days. But you'd need to hire a car. Maybe there are day tours by bus too, I don't know.