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I am looking for tips on a 7-10 day vacation this July. I am a single male in my late 40s looking a all-inclusive adults-only resorts that would be the best for having fun and meeting people. I am open to any country on or near North America - Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican, the Caribbean, Jamaica, etc... Looking for a fun social place that won't cost a fortune. I would like to pay no more than CAD$2500 if I go for 10 days... I could book flights separate if needed as I have a lot of Aeroplan points...

Any suggestions on resorts?

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Look into Costa Rica.

Should be cheaper than Canada unless everywhere you go you always go for pricey hotels and fancy restaurants.

Does the "CAD$2500" include flights or just hotel costs?

Resorts. The only time I have been forced to do a resort stay is when someone else was paying for it.

You could also book your own smaller, cheaper hotel and play it by ear.. Only you know if having fun is being a fifth wheel in a resort with mostly family groups or couples on honeymoons.

Only you know what would be fun to you. For some solo males hitting up some nightlife might be on the list. Go cheaper and go for a longer time.

Do free Google type searches for specifics you may be interested in. Info from this TP forum:

Good luck.

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I only have a maximum 10-day window for this trip. I'm most interested in a fun experience at the resort, not crazy about clubbing or going all over the place. I have lots of aeroplan points I could use so $2500 + air is possible but would prefer to keep it under that with both.

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" I'm most interested in a fun experience at the resort, not crazy about clubbing or going all over the place."


Different strokes, different folks!

For me, part of the enjoyment of visiting places overseas is seeing and doing different things! A hotel closer to the city area will allow you to do some nearby exploring. You could choose a hotel that includes breakfast, maybe, if interested, a pool, etc. However, if you only want to stay around a resort, someone will come up with a suggestion for somewhere. (Even if it is spam!)

Have a nice time wherever you choose.

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The only experience I have had with A/I was when I did a SA (space available) stay in the DR at a condo. This was available to military retirees and very cheap but I don't know what the normal rate w. ould be.

I've been to Costa Rica twice and it is fairly inexpensive but I didn't stay at any AI resorts. I have also been to Belize (a long time ago) and thought that it was pretty cheap but the airfare to get there was expensive. My daughter has been to resorts in Cancun and that might suit you but I don't have any specific recommendations. We stayed in Cozumel where my husband did his diving checkout but we stayed in the cheapest place we could book and ate out in town.

The other place where I know that someone can meet people is on a cruise ship. A 10 day cruise on the MSC Magnifica from Miami for an inside cabin would be $1458.00 US dollars - this would include the single supplament, but not gratuities which I think would be about another $150. It would include meals, but not excursions or liquor. The cruise line is not one that I have used so I can't give you a recommendation for or against.

Also there is a cruise from Baltimore to the Bahamas where a single inside cabin woud be $1813 plus gratuities for a nine day cruise on Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas. I have not been on this ship but I have sailed on Royal Caribbean and can recommend it. However I do not know if they will be finished clearing the Baltimore channel after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bidge that happened this month. The cruise may be canceled or may be from another port (Norfolk or NY).

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I called Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) today and spoke with a sales rep. She told me that there is no such thing as a 'singles cruise'. She suggested that I contact a company called Sixthman that apparently does some hosting of events on NCL cruises or something of that nature.

She was quite adamant about there being no 'singles cruises' although she went on to say that some ships have more 'single' staterooms (for one person only) that others. Thus, you could probably expect that there are more solo travellers on those ships.

I am still trying to find a cruise that would be fun as a newly single guy and would also work within my time frame in July. Can anyone suggest anything??? Primarily the ones I've seen that might work from a time-frame perspective are Caribbean cruises from Florida (mainly Miami) or Alaskan cruises from Seattle or Vancouver. There are other options but those look to be good ones. That said, not sure if they will be full of families with kids and couples...

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Well no, a "singles cruise" would give them a problem in selling the large majority of double cabins.

The way I've met people and forged friendships whilst travelling is small group tours. Maybe let a thirst for adventure take the lead and allow meeting people to be a natural follow-on.

Depends whether you're talking about meeting people in a romantic sense - this isn't clear.

For me it's a contradiction to be looking for fun in a hotel resort and not "going all over the place". That would sound like sitting around a hotel trying to pick up women, but then you say you're not looking for nightlife.

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The 'singles cruise that I listed (which seems to have disappeared or maybe it is in another thread) was organized by an agent of Vacations to Go and they book the cabins from the cruise line. There are many specialty cruises (rock music cruises or cruises for people who play the mandolin) where the organizer books part of the ship and some of the venues. There are sometimes people on the ship who are not part of the group. My 2nd daughter and her husband go on a Rock cruise each February - the organizer books the bands. I don't know if there's anyone on this cruise that isn't a rock music fan or not as I have not been able to go with her. It's a short cruise - usually less than a week.

They have a hosted Singles cruise to Alaska starting July 26th which I guess is a little late.

There are lots of cruises from the US to the Bahamas or the Caribbean (or Alaska) where the cruise is cheap enough that even paying double for the single supplement it is within your buidget. Just one example- Baltimore to Bermuda and the Bahamas on Vision of the Seas for 9 nights starting July 11th is $2197.00 US dollars plus gratuities.