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I don't think it likely that anyone can help with this one, but you never know, so: About three days ago, when I left Australia for NZ, I had driven over 200km to my sister's place and was going to leave the car with one of her tribe; with a large, secure yard. Sorting and packing took all the time. Last minute, we were going to go around to said place and pick up a few of my clothes from out of the dryer round there. I said to my sister: "Should I bring the car round now?" She said, nah, she would do that later. We just had to get to the station. So off we went and, at said station, we parted with me forgetting to give her the car key. I realised before I got to the airport, but too late to do anything about it. I rang her and we agreed that I would post it from Wellington.

So - Wellington. Shock-horror: NZ Post won't do it - won't send car keys (I think it might have been any keys) internationally; something about insurance. I said I was happy to sign a waiver or whatever, but no deal. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? I will be in Canada by Thursday. If I could be sure that the Canadians don't have any such idiotic policy, I could just as easily send it from there. Take a bit longer, but it is legally parked, more or less... but six months might be pushing it... and it is sort of just on the kerb; which everyone does, but by the letter of the law...

The alternative is, send it by private courier - DHL or Fedex. The quote I've had is about NZD75. In AUD, after the exchange loss, it will be almost the same. Canada Post, like most online businesses and govt. depts., has a zero-service policy, i.e. a virtual assistant, which variety of entity has never satisfactorily answered any question in the history of the internet. Well, there is also a phone number. but I don't have an NZ SIM for these few days. Mininum would cost $29; close to half the cost of the courier, for probably no result. I am also considering trying to package it here and pass it off as, if asked, an ornament or bauble, of only sentimental value, belonging to a grand-niece. But yeah, if anyone knows anything either way, such as, yes, this is a thing, and all POs do it; or no, Canada post definitely doesn't have any such policy. I left a message and my email at their (CP's) feedback link. They might even make history and read it.

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I've never heard of any such restriction on sending car keys internationally and can't imagine why there would be.,. except....does the key have a battery? Maybe that's why? Lithium batteries + plane holds?

There's certainly no mention of keys/car keys on Canada Post's 'What can't I send to x destination?' page:

but..the battery thing again?

Best not to lie about what's in the package. Packages are scanned/x-rayed etc and if you've lied it's the recipient who'll get the hassle/extra charges etc.

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For New Zealand Post, keys are indeed listed as a prohibited item for international service on this page, as part of the valuables category (though they're happy to post them domestically). Canada Post also lists "valuables" as a prohibited item - but unlike NZ Post, doesn't specify what all is considered valuable. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if they end up using much the same definition (I see a ton of overlap in the things they do specify), as it's apparently all due to Customs regulations.

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Thanks people. I, having found an NZ Post page on their restrictions (possible that same indicated by Sender), have decided that the the Kiwis are genuinely a bit ¨dufferent." (sorry, an infantile Australian thing we do). On the page I found, it wasn´t even the category ¨valuables." It was just a long list of stuff the would not take out of the country. It included all keys... and coins. The Canadians, as most others, seem to have two broad prohibitive categoiess: dangerous or illicit materials; stuff the receving country won´t accept.

As to what to say, I have decided against any subterfuge here in NZ - too late anyway, have to head off early tomorrow morning. In Canada, though, I will just prepackage it and call it... say, a household item. Nothing too nefarious there, especially as they haven´t gone to any Kiwi-style explicitness in their bans. Senderś other link brought up an ice-skating ad. Thanks again.