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I plan to go to Delhi and the Golden Triangle for 1 week plus in Aug 05. Will anyone be there to meet up? As a solo female traveller have been strongly advised to travel with companion.


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travelling in india is not as unsafe as some people portray it
to be.It may be a bit of a hassle for a lone female traveller with the bugging touts and beggers and the letching and remarks from the romeos.They are basically harmless as long as you do not pay attention .There are many lone women travellers who do india.
having said all that, it is always better to be with a group or a campanion.

i will be in delhi during the first week of august but i do not plan a golden triangle trip. My plans are to head north from delhi to himachal and uttaranchal.

lotta adventure sports options there.see if you can work it out..

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I will be in Delhi for a few days in Aug though dates are not fixed yet.
Ofcourse you can join if you wish to to see a few places like Agra and Jaipur.

Travelling alone by a lone female is not all that bad.Being a lone female, many touts would approach you some times pester you to buy this or that or try to take more money from you. If you just ignore and walk away, you will not be troubled.The normal safety that you follow in other countries should also be followed in India.Pls refer to separate pm to you.

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your forgetting bombay ???

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I am a male Pakistani journalist based in City of Lahore that borders India. If you are in Delhi, you are cordially invited to Lahore. Its a 35-minute Delhi-Lahore flight--fairly cheap fare.
In Lahore, I can ofer a free pick-drop---living at 3-minute drive from Lahore International Airport.
Friends from all over the world are cordially invited to be my guests for a couple of days in this fabulous city of 8.5 million people, which doesn't sleep at night.
I am a globe-trotter myself, so can very well imagine the value of hospitality that starts from any airport to a pre-funded three-star hotel air-conditioned room.
I love doing it for travel buddies. Indian pals too are very heartily invited to spend a few days with me-and taste the drive in my car.