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Thank you kind people for reading my post.

I am a "digital nomad" or what they call them, basically I'm a freelancer, nothing special but I can make probably enough money to be seated a mid travel destination while I work. I enjoy a good atmosphere, good weather and vibes and I am sick of my local culture so I want to start traveling instead.

I have been looking the past week (and some prior years) for some good locations for me to travel to, I don't like moving too much I don't got the mental patience to just think about traveling, airports, adaptation etc, it's too much work and I can't focus on other things so I would stay from 1-3 months once I pick a location.

I am from Novi Sad, Serbia, from those of you who are aware of this place will be even better at suggesting me to find a better place.

Mainly things I like are (especially at the moment during summer) - Great weather, wonderful sandy colorful beaches and the occasional nudist beach around (nudist activities, more liberal activities). I love nudism so I don't mind it to be the most liberal place on earth.

I love smaller places where I can walk to every destination, and have good easy-to-work-with transportation for visiting other areas that aren't to walk distance. I have been a walker for years due to my home city having everything at foot location, I enjoy long walks as an activity (not as hiking thing around mountains) but more so just going around town, enjoying the caffe's, shopping, sightseeing and etc. Because of this I absolutely want to be somewhere where the atmosphere is superb and welcoming. Nothing worse than going for a walk after a hard work day to meet grumpy aggressive people you have to deal with. It's exhausting.

I need silence for my work and well-being so it's mandatory that I am seated in a place where noise isn't a problem. I would love for the apartments to be modern equiped (nothing too spectacular but to have that sense of modern quality architecture and interior unlike BARCELONA where every apartment feels like an abandoned basement that's been suited with some weird misplaced furniture)

The perfect balance is being in the center of activity but isolated in peace, so that I can hop out of my apartment after work and enjoy a wonderful activity filled and positive energy and go to the beaches.


I obviously need good internet but that is mostly available everywhere, I love big malls as well. I love to be in a culturally diverse place and culturally active place where maybe I can connect with people who do cool stuff around the world and connect, do things together in a productive space.

I am not obsessed with history landmarks, cultural study obsession, or activities like surfing. I am not that type of tourist, I mainly want to set base in a very pleasant place to work with and enjoy my time off work in peace and good vibes where there's everything I need.

So I know it's like describing the perfect place and it's hard to find such in reality.

I've been so far most interested in the following:

Canary islands: Tenerife / Southern Three Resorts (This would be my first place to go but I hate that they are requiring 3X month rent in total so I need 3000$ for a month there instead of 1000$ and rn I can't afford this)
Amsterdam: The vibe in this city seems amazing, everyone seems so together from the videos I've seen, there's a sense of community and togetherness, the liberal laws are great and my only problem is that it's not a beach destination, and I hate weed also.
Dominican Republic - Sosua: Place looks really chill and down to earth and has a very troll-ish atmosphere which I think is very laid-back (from the videos I've seen). It has beaches, nice vibes, chiqas everywhere. I'd say the standards are a bit lower on the general quality of life from what I can tell but otherwise definitely a place I'd want to go to. I would go from june but the airplane tickets are insane here 1000$ round trip so that's about the only reason I'm not going there, because again like Tenerife I need an unreasonable amount of overhead just to make the travel happen.
Thailand: Pretty much has everything I love and the only reason I'm not going there is due to the les Majeste laws because that's just brainsick and I don't like going to a place where I have to be careful not to accidentally end up in prison for a decade. I've been to prison so God knows I hated it there to my life. (who doesn't?)

I am also interested in chinese metropolis like shanghai I love what I've seen of the vibe in that city, and will definitely visit but that's no summer location and there's no beach life. I think the shanghai apartment style is just so cute with those wall long tables, it's perfect for my work habits. I feel like I would find a proper work life here and possibly more opportunities to do business and grow which is something I would love and am also seeking because my country is a rut for those. But right now I am very interested in summer vibes.

I've looked at Greece, (I've been to Greece 3 times) but I feel Greece is good for a week long vacation with not much to carry with you and not for solo travel but for group travel. Since I want to stay a bit somewhere it doesn't feel at that level.

I know there's a bunch of other places to visit so if you have any recommendations and specifics I will be greatful for shared experiences, now that you know my preferences.

I can spend around 600-1000$ for rent and that's without triple deposits. Most of these have apartments in that range.

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Of those places you list, I have only been to the DR and Amsterdam. I don't know about the airline tickets to the DR - I was there in the winter and not in Sosua - only in Santo Domingo, Puerta Plata and Samana.

If you could overcome the airfair problem almost any place in the Caribbean would have beaches, and some of them have walkability. And some of them are also reasonably inexpensive. Costa Rica west coast comes to mind except the big city is in the middle and not on the beach. You might consider the Turks and Caicos. or Dominica

Barbados has beaches but isn't that walkable although it does have a bus system.
The same for Grenada. St. Martain isn't that cheap although it is multicultural for sure.

How about Nassau in the Bahamas? I don't know if you could get there without going to the USA first. Also Lucaya on Grand Bahama.

How about Mexico? Cozumel or someplace on the east coast?

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