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Greetings fellow travelers,

I'm thrilled to join this vibrant community of adventurers here on Travelerspoint. My name is Noe, and my journey is a tapestry woven with threads of exploration, resilience, and transformation.

More than half my life ago, I embarked on a quest to chase my dreams and explore the world beyond borders. Leaving behind the economic turmoil of my home country, Argentina, I set foot in New Zealand with nothing but a working holiday visa and a hundred dollars to my name. Little did I know, this leap of faith would be the catalyst for a life of extraordinary experiences.

From surviving a harrowing ordeal in the forests of New Zealand's south island to crafting macramé jewelry on the streets of South America, my travels have been as diverse as they have been enriching. Along the way, I found solace in the depths of the Caribbean Sea, where I realized my dream of becoming a diving professional.

But life's currents are unpredictable, and the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges. Yet, amidst the storm, I found clarity. Shedding the weight of debt and addiction, I embarked on a new chapter, armed only with a camera and a backpack.

Pakistan, with its mesmerizing landscapes and welcoming embrace, became my sanctuary. Here, amidst the rugged beauty of the mountains and the warmth of its people, I discovered a newfound passion for photography and videography.

Through the lens of my camera, I've captured fleeting moments of beauty and discovered untold stories waiting to be told. Each click of the shutter has been a revelation, allowing me to see the world through a different lens.

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Welcome? If there's a human behind this: please refrain from posting further AI-generated posts here, as that tends to be a clear indicator of a low-effort spammer, and mostly is reason for immediate post removal and banning the account.

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I treat AI generated text as spam - of no worth to our members and thus to be deleted.

Sander, you are more tolerant. I wonder which approach is best, and should we adopt a consistent approach across the site?

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99%+ of AI-generated text I report/delete immediately. Here, I saw a few things which made me think there's a chance of a human without spam-intent crafting a prompt which led to the above blathering. Given how heavily Microsoft e.a. are pushing AI-tools, we do have to be prepared for regular users letting these tools do their writing. It helps that this is in its own thread, so not bothering other users.

But yes, I think it'd be good if Peter would make a ruling that we want the site to be 100% AI-free, with some notification to new users at signup or somesuch.

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