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Looking for a family holiday for 10/14 days with 4 kids (6, 8 and 10) and two adults in August within Europe and not canaries.

Would love some ideas of destionations within countries such as Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Croatia etc not Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria

Budget of around £6000-£8'000 inc flights, accomodatiuon and car hire

  • Self catered
  • Plenty of restaurant options within walking distance
  • Beach walking distance or short drive
  • Shops/supermarket walking distance
  • Private villa
  • Communal pool shared with a few other villas or private pool

Flying from UK and looking summer 2025



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You know, August is very high season all around Europe. And in your mentioned countries it is terrible hot. So you'd stay anywhere near the water/lake/sea. But there are thausends of possible destinations what fit your demand, so first you have to decide which country.
About your budget: I don't know how expensive the flight for your whole family is, but for accommodation (Villa, House, Appartement) for your family in the very high season you have to count at least 200- 300 Euro/night. A bigger car, what you'l need, will also cost at least 150 Euro/day. So you see, your budget is very low.
You know, in almost all your mentioned countries you'll need an IDP. And you'd should look up the different traffic law in every country (special seats for kids, f.e.). So this would be a lot of homework for you.

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If it is for this year I think you could rule out France because of the Olympics.

I have heard that visits are down in Italy because everyone is going to France instead but that's not on your list.

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For your available time, perhaps stick to one country. From your home country, maybe fly round trip to a major city area, visit other places of interest, and return to your arrival city for a flight home. (Always do the math for round trip vs one way flights. Unless cost is no issue.)

I have been to Spain a few times. You could do some research for that country and see what might be interesting for your kids and you.


" holiday for 10/14 days with 4 kids (6, 8 and 10) and two adults in August...."

Got a set of twins??

  • Google type search will give you some things to do with kids in the country you select.

"Budget of around £6000-£8'000 inc flights, accommodation and car hire...."

You can work out the cost of flights to and from the country you select on your own. Only you know if you fly first class or economy. Same for hotels or other accommodation. You mention "private villa" so work out how much that will cost vs a nice hotel. Money no object then no problem anywhere.

Good luck.