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It is tempting to return to my first, I think, topic relating to my (sort of) current trip. In that first topic, I asked about sending stuff from NZ. I had accidentally brought a car key with me and had to send it home. NZ post amazingly wouldn't do it. Managed to sent it a week later from Montreal; didn't truly identify the contents, but I think it would have been okay anyway. So now, that first part of the trip - to Siberia - is over, but not done with. Been here nearly a month and have had great difficulty trying to get my wallet with all Russian documents back from Lille, which hostel contacted me a week after I asked them, and one day after I had left Kazakhstan (no international sanctions against Kazakhstan), telling me that it had been found. So, I quickly found out that the big-name courier companies won't deliver documents into Russia - from Russia, yes; other stuff, to and from, yes - but not my stuff to me. I found another company, which seemed to be able to do it. Filling in their order form, at "contents," there was no line for "cash." Contacted their help desk, which seemed to have access to my incomplete application, and replied: No, no, no. No passports, no bank cards, no cash - customs would confiscate it. It is miles cheaper than the big-namers, and I don't rule out, as a last resort, making the order again in a friend's name, and listing playing cards and socks as the contents. Worst thing, I would lose that less-than-forty euros, together with the other stuff, which I stand to lose anyway.

Hard to find any info on what is banned. Found a parcel service, I think under France Post, which mentioned that a customs dec had to be filled out if sending anything beyond the EU and ... some nearby countries; not Kazakhstan, I wouldn't think, (where I have some sort-of connections; and they coud relay it by ordinary post from there). Anyway, the question, finally: Does anyone know if there is any customs ban on sending - or couriering (neologism?) - passports, ATM (cash-point) cards or cash out of France? And supplementary: Do they routinely check? Or just go on the declaration, and check every 1037th? Thanks to the oracle who knows all about this.

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Hey there, sounds like you've been on quite the adventure (Siberia and lost documents, wow!). Here's the lowdown on sending your wallet to Russia:

Sending Cash, Cards & Passports:

Big name companies are right to be cautious. Sending passports, ATM cards, and cash can be tricky due to customs regulations.
Sending cash is generally a no-go, and some countries might even confiscate it.
Alternative Solutions:

Courier with Clear Declaration: It's risky to misrepresent contents (playing cards won't fly). Explore the first company again, but be honest about the contents. It might cost more, but it's safer.
Friend's Name (Not Recommended): Don't send under a friend's name – customs might get suspicious. Plus, if something goes wrong, it could cause problems for your friend.
French Parcel Service: If sending beyond the EU, a customs declaration is likely needed. Check with French Post for specific regulations to Kazakhstan.