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Trip to Brazil and Argentina

Myself and my partner are arriving in Buenos Aires 22 December 2024 and leave Rio de Janeiro on 9 March 2025 - does anyone have good suggestions for an itinerary and best places to stay please

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It depends on what you want to see and to do. Will you stay only in Argentina with a short visit in Brazil? Will you need more time in Brazil? Will you also go to Chile? And how will you travel: by car, by bus, flight?
Are you interestet more in cities or in nature??
So many questions. So maybe make a temporary itinereray that we can help much more.

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Thanks for that input BeateR and we will spend 50/50 in each country.

We're currently looking at visiting the following places and much as I hate flying this will probably be our mode of transport unless you could suggest otherwise. Do you advise seeing any of these place first:

Buenos Aires - Uruguay - Iguazu Falls - Pantanal (Campo Grande) and on to the coast to Rio. Allowing about one month for that.

Northwestern Argentina
Buenos Aires - Mendoza - La Rioja/Catamarca - Tucuman - Salta - Santiago del Estero (or, if you feel adventurous, Resistencia) - Santa Fe - Buenos Aires

Is the Lake District worth visiting and also Montevideo?

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OK, I didn't visit Uruguay. But we have been in Iguazu. We stayed on the argentinian side 3 nights. For this side you need a full day, because it is a lot of walking. Then we got by bus (very easy and cheap) to the brazil side. There you need at least half a day, but easily can spend the full day because there is also a bird sanctuary and you could take a Heli-flight over the falls.
We were also in Pantanal, but in the northern part. We flew to Cuiaba, rented a car there and drove via Pocone and the Transpantaneira all the way to Puerto Jofre and back. After we drove to Nobres (snorkeling a river) and to Nationalpark Chapada dos GuimarĂ£es.
We drove through Argentina so often. So we were visiting the very south of Patagonia in connection with Chile, and we also visited the north, all around Salta. But big cities were not our destinations, we don't like it. We love to stay in the nature.
Lake District was very nice, but besides of the views to the volcanoes, the scenery is about the same as in Europe or maybe Colorado/USA. So not so breathtaking as the northern part.
You could fligh to any of this points and rent a car there for a circle, give the car back to the same destination, flight to the next.