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1. Posted by larondey (Full Member 105 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

hey! i'm an american student (at wake forest univ in north carolina) and i'm interested in studying in new zealand. can anyone tell me what it would be like if you've studied in n.z.? is traveling to neighboring islands reasonable (price/travel time)? i'm thinking about doing this next year and would like some feedback first!


2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi James,

I didn't study in NZ, but I've studied in Australia. The travelling is easy if it's anything like Australia. I actually had all my classes on Monday and Tuesday with a rare Wed every now and then.... so that gave me plenty of long weekends to check out the surroundings or travel a bit. There were a couple of one week breaks which were good for a bit more serious travelling and then after I was done, I added on a 4 week travelling stint just for good measure.

Personally, I don't think anyone should study in another country without at least making a few one week trips around the country! One should never study too hard

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Hi there James,

I came to NZ from M'sia in 1995 and studied law in the prestigious (to me anyway!) University of Canterbury, located in the heart of the South Island of NZ. I studied law and history for 6 years and thoroughly enjoyed it, not just the studying but also living in NZ, so much so I have since made it my new adopted home! All together, been living here for 10 years now.

Ok, like Sam I Am says, a bit of research initially is good. Check out this website prepared for NZ students wannabes by the NZ Immigration -

I'm sure you can find out more through googling them. But mainly, which university you go to in NZ will depend very much on the following: Whether you want to be in the North or South Island of NZ, and what subjects you want to study.

NZ's main universities are: University of Auckland, Auckland U of Technology, U of Waikato, Massey U, Victoria U (all North Island U's), University of Canterbury and Otago U (both in South Island).

U of Auckland is quite good for most areas of study but for law, definitely U of Canterbury (as most of its lecturers write the law textbooks!). UoC also famous for engineering. Victoria U (located in Wellington, the capital) is famous for fine arts and architecture studies. Otago U famous for medicine and science but man it's damn cold down there, so bring your woolies! It's located at the bottom of the South Island, very very close to the South Pole! :P However, in terms of student atmosphere, Otago U's the most infamous/notirous of the lot! In fact, Dunedin (the city where Otago U is located) is known as the 'student' city of NZ. They drink, drink and drink down there and party hard! What else can you do in such frozen climate?! :)

Canterbury/ Christcurch (the region/city) is lovely, very scenic and English like with its Avon river and flat landscape, makes one feel at home :) IF you want to live in the hustle and bustle of a city life, then U of Auckland's definitely the place to go. Victoria U located in Wellington is more of the arty types..ppl in Wellington are known for their suits (very corporate look) and 'culture' (apparently!) :P

Sorry to blab so much hopefully this will give you a good headstart. Let me know if you need any more info.

Travel within NZ is reasonably cheap in comparison to the States (the stronger US dollar helps too!) Ferry across the two main islands cost around NZ$100'ish. Flights are damn expensive though for the distance you're travelling! So if you're going to study and live in NZ, buy a second hand car! You can get a reasonably late model 2nd hand car for around NZ5,000. Then just drive and enjoy the sceneries! You'll love it! :)


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My son studied at Massey University, North Island, after graduating in the UK and liked it so much he has moved permanently to live there. We get the bonus of holidaying there and pay back time is I get to use his car now. Travel between North Island and South Island is relatively expensive for the short distance crossing.
There is such a contrast between the 2 island that you will spend so much time exploring both islands.
We have found a paradise in visiting Fiji and it is now aregular stop over for a couple of weeks on the way out from the UK.
Travel to Australia is good, frequent and cheap, Freedom Airlines is a cheap flight oiff shoot of NZ Airways.And you can explore Queensland, Barrier Reef, Sydney, Melbourne etc in vacations.
I would say go for it, you will never regret the decision.

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the great thing about new zealand, is that wherever you are based (north or south island) you are withen a day or 2 travel from most places on that island. and the transport is really good. sometimes its even cheaper to fly with air new zealand than to catch a bus or ferry.