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Hello Everybody!!

I´m a first time traveller and I need some recomendations for travelling in Spain because is the first and I hope not the only city I will visit in Europe next winter. I´ve been reading some of the experiences of all travellers on this site and I just waiting the moment to leave. I´m from Mexico and beside we have and incredible country to travel and visit I always feel like I will enjoy visiting cities in Europe like Madrid, Praga, Portugal, Paris, Berlin, Dublinm, etc. and and most of all learning about the countries tradition, the people, holidays.

Rigth now I´ve been working me ass off for a year to go backpacking and I´m sure I will have fun and I´m going to learn a lot
from other countries. I hope my english will be understandable for you because I´m not been practicing regulary.

All you traveller who are rigth now in a journey enjoy and have fun and the others who are waiting to do it good luck

I´m Sergio your friend from Mexico

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Hey Sergio,

I'd recommend Valencia & Barcelona on your trip to Spain, lots of culture & history for you! :)

Have a great time

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Hi Sergio. As for as Spain is concerned I would recommend you so many cities... It depends on the time you are planning to spend in each place.

Do not miss under any circumstances Barcelona and Granada. I think both are a must in Spain. If you have a bit more time, take some time to discover a bit of the undiscovered Spain: Salamanca, León, Galicia and yes, the Basque Country (well, this is not quite objective since I live there but....).

In France, take a day at least to visit Toulouse, it is really worth it. And if you have time, head to Rennes and the Brittany region.

Well, hope this helps, they are just some advices, but if you plan to travel for a while, take your time to plan at least the things you want to definitely see.
Good luck and enjoy your trip!!!!

4. Posted by ruvalcaba (Budding Member 2 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thank´s guys for the tips.

Actually my trip is going to last hopefully a year in Europe but the point to star is Madrid and I really I´m looking into the acommodation because I´m kind of worry because of my budget so I will like to get there and try to know the city almost for two or three weeks then look for a job make some money and move to Barcelona and so on.

Is it difficult to find a job for save some money and continue with my trip? I have already a College Degree but I´m looking into a simple job like working in a bar or construction because I´ve been working in a bank for almost a year and this is kind of stressful.

How useful are a tent in a backpacking trip for europe?

Sorry if you see all this cuestions, but I really want to be prepare for anything and this way enjoy more the trip.

Your Mexican Friend :)