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This new forum has been set up to allow people to introduce themselves to the community. Feel free to let us know a little about yourself, what your travel experiences or plans are or just the things you are interested in. You can count on a welcome in return ;)


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yay and hello.

i'm manda, from new zealand. nice to be here.

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Hey guys, I waited a little while to do this (I signed on a little while ago) but am glad to do so. I think introducing yourself is a wonderful goes.
I am a 24y Canadian girl or Ontario girl (some people think these to be two separate things) who loves the outdoors, I actually took a course in high school called Outdoor Education where we went camping and learned survival techniques in both summer and winter camping. It was the best course I have ever taken.
I worked out near Hinton, Alberta (right near Jasper Park), I took people into the Rocky mountains on horseback for eight to twelve days. If you've ever wondered what that quiet, mysterious sexiness of a cowboy is all about out there is where you'll learn. It also reminds you of your own humility. Being out there in the middle of the mountains, reminding you of just how small you really are, it's awe inspiring.
I also love animals. I was studying to become an equestrienne, of course you need a lot of money to be anyone in that sport and in that area I am not blessed, just barely recognized. So, while I had the perfect horse for myself and the talent, I settled on teaching kids how to ride, who were also just barely recognized financially, on a perfect horse with a coach who had talent...I'm not bitter...Really!!! Ha ha.
I went to Germany in 1993 for my grandparents 40th anniversary and now am going back for an unchaperoned vacation with a friend in September 2003 which, by the way, is also when the world famous Oktoberfest is, and let me not hide it, I am extremely excited.
Okay enough about me. Thank you.