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Yo! Can anyone let me know a little about the side effects of malaria tablets? I am travelling to costa rica in 3 weeks time for a stay of 1 month. I have been advised to take either Chloroquine or Proguanil. Is one better than the other etc?

Please help me out,

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To be honest you only need malaria tablets if you are in a malaria infected lowland jungle area.
If you are travelling in tourist areas and sleeping in hostels then I would not bother!!!,you'll probally catch a little fever and a touch of delly/belly but thats just change of grub and water!!!!
Just make sure you have all your jags like yellow fever and whatever else before you go and very important good travel insurance and keep away from bad women!!!!!no chance, so you will catch everything!!!

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You might find these previous threads very helpful...

Good Luck, and have a safe trip! :)

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Hey Iain!

These TP threads may be useful too. The first concerns travel in South and Central America. The second is a comment on the reasons anti-malarials are a good idea.

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Costa Rica has had a higher than normal outbreak of malaria in the past several months. They have also had an unusally long rainy season with a great amount of flooding too. These 2 things alone have caused an increase in the number of infected mosquitoes in the region. Since Costa Rica is more densely "jungled" - I would highly recommend the use of the medications.

Chloroquine is the recommended prophylactic medication for Costa Rica. It is also the one with the least number of side effects. It is taken weekly, beginning one week prior to starting you trip, then continued for two weeks following your return home. The malaria strains found in CR are NOT resistant to Chloroquine. Though this is my opinion only - it is better to error on the side of caution. Chloroquine is also one of the cheapest.

This link may help also:

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hi i didnt find info i need in the other threads.

So i am in Argentina and i thought i go to the Jungel- maybe. So i ll take the only available brand here: tropicur from Roche. But i am not sure if i can use it also only in case of the outbrake of the illness- i dont want to tak eit all the time.
Furthermore a doctor in Austria told me on "my austrian" body might not work another non european medincine. I dont believe that , sounds weird... but does anyone know more bout that?

and, by the way, here it costs 70 pesos, 25 dollars... malarone in europe cost 60 or it might be worth it, but if it is too bad, it is not...

Please, if anyone has info, i d appreciate it,
other wise i might have really exciting dreams ;)

thx steph