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Hello what are arrondissements and what do the #'s next to them mean?? Also what is the left bank and the right bank?/ Which is the better side to stay on?? Im sorry to be so ignorant. But I don't want to end up staying in Slumville. Thank you, Kay Capps

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I had to look it up (I had never seen it before;))

1. The chief administrative subdivision of a department in France.
2. A municipal subdivision in some large French cities.

The Seine River divides Paris into two halves, the right and the left bank. The right bank holds the Sacre Cour, the Louvre, St. Eustache, Champs-Elysée, Arc de Triomphe, among many other sites.

Hope this helps! :)

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the arrondissement are areas of Paris, correspond to the structuration that gave to the city the romans centuries a go to shape the city, I do not remember the number the first should correspond to the ile de france and the rest from that point go all around shaping a spyral

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Hiya kaycapps :)

The arrondisments are the boroughs to the city (or the different areas). The first arrondisment is where the Louvre is located, and it goes in a circle outword up to the number 20. To give you a general idea of where everything is located, here is a map of the Arrondisments. Here is a more detailed one off of the Frommers website.

Quoting erasmus

I do not remember the number the first should correspond to the ile de france and the rest from that point go all around shaping a spyral

Just a little correction....I think erasmus is refering to Il de La Cité, where Notre-Dame is located. Ile-de-France is the region of France in which the city of Paris is located. A point of Il de la Cité is located in the 1st Ar., but most of it is actually located in the 4th (as you'll see by the maps).

As for where to stay, you can find cheap accomodation anywhere! The first time I went to the city, I stayed a five minute walk from the Louvre at the Centre BVJ: Paris Louvre hostel...it was 25 euros a night, for a pretty good hostel....no lockout, no curfew. The second time, my friend and I stayed at the Hotel de la Vallée in the 1st Ar. as well, we split a private room for about 27 euros a person. It was right near a metro and the Les Halles shopping mall, as well as the Centre Pompidou. A 10 minute walk to Notre-Dame. It was a little sketchy at night, but if you're with someone you're fine.

Stay away from areas around the Champs-d'Elysées and the Eiffel Tower, most places are more expensive. You can find cheap accomodation in the Latin Quarter and the St. Germain Districts (the 5th and 6th Ar.), as well as a lot of bars. The metro system is great, so as long as you're close to a metro station, you'll be 10 minutes from almost anywhere in the city.

Hope that helps!

Katie ;)

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Ok...I gonna try to explain about Paris and the arrondissments
First Paris is a part of l'Ile de France and Notre Dame is on l'ile de la cité in the 4th arrondissment
There are 20 arrondissements in Paris from 1 to 20 and it is like a snail. the first arrondissement is the center.
Each arrondissement is like a little city with its own mayor ...the mayors elect the mayor of paris. The mayor of paris is the big boss, but mayors of each arrondissement are responsible of their own arrondissement...
any other question about Paris, just ask me I am a Parisian and by the way I have a Tv Show about Paris on internet. For people who would be interested to see some aspects of paris, just ask me the link. Actually there is a video about Le Lido and its show.

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kaycapps: I believe the arrondissement system has been explained. If you see an address with 75002 it means it is in the second arrondissement, 75006 is the sixth arrondissement. I have been to Paris many times and have stayed in the 1e, 3e, 4e and 7e (with e meaning arrondissement). The 7e in the Eiffel Tower/Invalides neighborhood is a predominatly residential area I like to stay. Yes, it is somewhat more expensive but with some web surfing it is possible to find an affordable hotel. I like shopping in the the supermarkets, toy stores, boulangeries and the overall feeling of being in a quiet Parisian neighborhood where you see actual residents and few tourists (metro: La Tour Maubourg). Rue Cler is a daily open air food market I like to visit but most of all I just like seeing a part of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night as you look down one of the many narrow side streets.


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Thanks so much to all of you. This info has been very helpful. Now I will try to find a room. Thank You. kay

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