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First of all I am been enjoying the pasts on this site. Its way more informational than most and people here seem so helpful.

I am a 39 yr husband and father who has not done much traveling and who has been working all his life like a horse. Lately I have been reading about folks like you, who experience the world and its different cultures.

I was thinking about heading to South America next moth for a few days. Reason being, its a relatively speaking short trip from the Eastern USA. However, I have changed my mind. I am seriously considering going to Englad and catching the Manchester United vs. Tottenham match on March 20th.

I was wondering if anyone here could give me some leads on what else I can do while visiting England. I have never been there...I like meeting people and I am very social. There is a high likelihood that I will bring my 14 yr old son with me. He is a huge footbol fan and loves to play.

I am planning on leaving US on a Wednesday to London and returning on Tuesday. Although I would like to go on a moderate budget, if there is anything I should not miss...I will find the way to afford it.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

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You're a brave man to make your first visit to the UK a footie match - i hope it doesnt put you off! There's a pretty constant hoo-haa in the press here about football hooliganism in the UK and it can be pretty bad and quite shameful for the rest of us! However the police have cottoned on to prevention a bit more in the past few years - they tend to close all the pubs near the ground and use controlled cctv etc. so the big matches like any Man U. game should be absolutely fine, especially if youre in the family stands. My best mate is a policeman who regularly works London area matches and despite all the bad press he hardly ever has any trouble so gets to watch lots of free games!
Other than the match there are of course all the typical London sites, most of which are definitely worth seeing but many are over-priced in the extreme.
A good tip is that all museums in London are free and most are really up-to-date with good interactive things for kids so if your son is like my brother and likes anything from dinosaurs to space stuff then the British Science Museum is a good day out! They do sell passes for everything in the Tussauds group which includes the waxworks (personally i wouldnt bother with those - huge rip-off) and loads of other locations like the London Dungeon which is gory but fantastic - again probably a good bet for teenage boy (and cool dad) entertainment.
Any London tourist website will give you all the details but if you have the time and energy i would really advise trying to get out of London, even for a day or two. Its not the cleanest of cities and although there is tons to see I always think its so sad that people come such a long way and dont see anything else! I am a tad biased as a country girl but 50minutes on the train and you could be in Brighton where im at uni; fab beach, comedy pier with tacky rides and arcades and really funky place. Or a couple of hours north and you could go to a castle such as Warwick which is ancient, breathtakingly beautiful and even has grounds for a picnic and impromtu kickabout if you take a ball!
If you want any other ideas just message me and ill give you a few more researched suggestions! Good Luck.

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Thanks for the kind response! Match tickets were purchased and flight reservations made! We shall see...i would definitelly take you on your offer to chat more.


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I hope you enjoy your trip to england... however... you will be impressed by the stadium at Manchester but the atmosphere there is awful and not indicative of most football stadiums / clubs in england. Please don't be offended by the moments of relative silence. You will be amazed at how quiet 67000 people can be, until they score. Mainly because they are all tourists as opposed to home supporters, as the 'supporters' of said club are general not local unlike the rival team Manchester City. You will be impressed by the stadium but not the crowd, or the surrounding areas. Don't worry about hooliganism, it's not a real threat as in past decades and the stadium and surrounding areas will be well policed and they are very used to tourists around this stadium so you will be looked after should you need any help...

I would recommend visiting Birmingham, the second largest city as we are experiencing a real new millenium buzz.. google search will show you whats here and nearby, some very famous people and places... from the home and inspiration of JR Tolkien to Ozzy Osbourne. need i say more. (don't visit Birmingham City FC because the fans are really not a good example of a well mannered and well behaved crowd; unlike my team Aston Villa FC...) (that last bit will explain a lot to some people reading this)

Either way, wrap up warm and enjoy yourself. Heed the usual caution when travelling and don't over expect, that way you can be pleasantly surprised.

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Hi all,

I've something in common with Carmath in term of changing mind frm travel to south america to UK.

I've a friend staying in Brazil and thought of paying her a visit, but because of the temptation to catch a football match on my all time fav team, which is Carmath's arch rival...yes Liverpool.

I'm planning to UK for 3 weeks frm 1st of March till 20th of March. Heard that it'll be like "NO CHANCE" to grab a ticket even with those who are the members. I'm not a E-Season ticket holder ofcourse. I'm frm Malaysia anyway.

So, anyone can provide me some info on getting a football ticket in advance and how to travel to Anfield, Liverpool.
I'll be staying with my gf's aunt in South London, Toothing Broadway. Now still wondering besides Liverpool, what other nice places to drop by such as Scotland,Wales or France.

Btw, how much is it to travel by Eurostar frm London to Paris?
And what's the period of time do u think is sufficient to do that? 3days? coz' I'm only have a very limited time... only 3 weeks to enjoy my time in Europe.