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Hi everyone,

I have been offered an ooportunity to do a traineeship in the south of Nigeria for at least three months, and I was wondering whether Nigeria is a safe country to live.

Don't spare me any details because I have to make an informed decision.


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Hi Rozan,

I'm origianlly Nigerian, but was born and live in London. I've been to Nigeria a few times over the years, and it is a lovely place. Nowhere is 100% safe, including Nigeria. The main issues is with the government, so citizens are left with little money or none. People just want to be happy, but feel that the govenment aren't helping them, where some result to crime. I will advice that, you really need to be street wise and look after number 1. Be aware of your surroundings and you should be ok. Maybe if you know anybody that you'll be working/living with that you can befriend you'll be alot more relaxed.

I hope everything works out for you.


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Hi Rozan,
Nigeria is no different from any country when visiting for the first time.Just know your contacts and if you are going to move about alot then have a guide.Goodluck.

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Hi Rozan
i grew up in the north of Nigeria but have travelled there extensively, where exactly in the south is this job cause it makes a lot of difference, generally speaking there is quite a bit of crime there but as always if you take the usual precautions you should be ok, also note that corruption is rife there and you may end up having to bribe policemen for something you haven't done i.e stopping at a checkpoint they expect a little something.

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I was in Africa about ten years ago with a group of people, so things will have changed, but it was said then that Lagos and Bangui were the unsafest places in Africa. We haven't been in Lagos but we have been in Bangui for a week, going to doubtful bars and such and nothing bad happened. We also passed through Burundi for three days, which was then said to be one of the safest countries in Africa and three of us got robbed (nothing too serious, but one got a painful blow to the head). The reason turned out t be that there had been a bad harvest with resulting poverty. Like Alifad says, it depends very much on where you go. Find out about this sort of thing and when you get there find out which streets and areas to avoid. But even if you go to 'bad' neighbourhoods a lot depends on how you behave. Above all don't behave like a victim or you're likely to become one. Stay aware and alert but above all relax. Make sure you don't have anything on you you can't afford to lose but always have enough ready to give a robber so they won't get pissed off. Bad stuff can happen anywhere (also at home, whereever you live), so that's hardly a reason not to go some place.