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Hey Everybody,

on the 19th this month, I came down from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng. Driving with the minibus on the Route 13.
On the way we saw 2 heavy crashed accidents. The road was wet and sometimes we were driving in the mountains so high that because of the clouds we couldn''t see further than 20 meters.
Suddenly a broken down bus appeared on the side. In front there were young guys, just dressed in civil clothing carrying Kalashnikovs. The waved us to stop. Our driver did. They let us go short after that (maybe because we had one injured person from one of the accidents sitting i front, but I don''t know). That was a shocking experience for all sitting in the minibus.
Short after that we saw two men also with Kalashnikovs, but they did not stop us.
For anyone who doesn't know it. In 2003 three there were a few incidents with rebels on this part of the Route 13 were 24 person were killed.
I just wanted to let you know. Other people I talked to in Vang Vieng did not expirience this. But I think you should have it in mind before talking this road.

greetz, david

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came down the day after and similar things occurred - it wasnt much fun but i used a public bus and there was a guard on board with a ak47 in case things happened, which they didnt apart from the crashes - but crashes happen everywhere everyday.

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we took the government bus from vang vien to luang prabang and it was fine. we passed a car that had driven into a ditch and so stopped to help. we had a guy with the ak47 also. i think taking the government bus is the safest option. cool journey through the mountains though.


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I had the passenger front seat in a mininbus going up from Veng Vieng to Luang Prabang. There were three of us squeezed in the front. I had to hold onto the handle above the door most of the trip because the driver kept swerving from one side of the road to the other. My other hand was holding the door shut, so I wouldn't fall out. The edges of the road and the embankment were broken and there were some very sheer drops. It gets to be a bit of a worry after a few hours.