forgotten guyanas....Amazonia....lost in the jungle...urgent

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hi people

i thougth bout flying in manaus, going up to the guyanas and over belem to manaus- got 40 days left, the rest of my 7 months here :(
i cant spend too much money, so is it true that the life is soo expensive over there? would any one share his or her experiences over there? was it great, interesting???
and amazonia, ? is it really 40 dollars a day to do a tour? is it the best spot to do it there or is peru better?
belem to manaus, is it really Only 5 days???
and what about the rain season?
soo many questions, but i hope you could help me, since i should get a ticket in the next next days
ok, thanks folks,
travel save and enjoy

ps:i am a little lost since i wanted to spend my time in bolivia, but....a little hassle is ok, but i cant wait a week to get to the next city...what a shit situation (and i am pissed off cause i cant travel, what should the people over there say?)

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Peru is Great! It's my favorite area in South America. There are many different things you can see there. Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Amazon, etc..

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Also, it was this time of the year (June) that I visited Peru and the weather was delightful. I don't like extreme heat so to me it was great in June. Never rained the whole time I was there. Just a little cold at night down at Lake Titicaca because of the altitude.

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Stephy, if you are thinking about going to Peru right now, you may be right on time for the Inti Raymi celebrations in Cuzco. They last the whole month of June but the downside is that it may be difficult to find a place to stay. Nevertheless, it is the best time to go and visit. You get to experience the Peruvian culture in a whole different way, watching traditional dances, their customs, their colorful clothing, it is really something.

I cant imagine going to South America and not visiting Machu Picchu. If anything, that will make it all worth the trip. You can try to make your way down from the Amazon (Iquitos) to Cuzco, you may actually catch the tail end of the Inti Raymi celebrations there. After Cuzco, you can go to Lake Titicaca and when you get there you can find out what the current situation is in Bolivia. By then, things may be better and the roads may be reopen.