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USA is the last leg of my RTW trip next year. I will be going into LA on approxiamtely 18th January and leaving New York on 16th February.

Any ideas of best places to visit, good hostels, cheap travel, warmest areas, being the winter, cheap internal flights or travel would be greatly appreciated.

Also if anybody else is going to be about at this time join in!


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What to do with one month in the US in winter?

Well, I’d concentrate on just a few key spots and stay away from the super cold spots.

Suggested places to go—Los Angeles/San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix (very pleasant winter weather), New Orleans, Orlando or Miami, Washington D.C., New York City and possibly either Nashville (country western music fans) or Denver (if you snow ski—but very cold). Note: Washington D.C. and New York are very cold also—but they are “must visit” places.

Places to avoid in winter—Seattle (too rainy), Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Detroit, Boston, Santa Fe, St. Louis, Kansas City and anyplace in Alaska (all too cold and snowy).

Possibly go—Dallas or San Antonio (also Hawaii if you weren’t already arriving in LA)

The problem is that the US is very spread out (3500 kilometers across and 2000 kilometers from top to bottom—not counting Hawaii and Alaska), so it takes a while to get from place to place. Cheapest flights are via Southwest Airlines, but car is probably preferable—but you have to take winter storms into account whether you fly or drive.


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Hidi...are you going to be in the US in January of 2006 or 2007?

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I will be there in january 2007

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Hidi, I sent this PM to another member awhile I dont have to retype everything over, I am posting for you all the things I suggested for the NY part of his trip.

Re: eastcoast tour

dear anne,
thanks a million. i will revert for any further clarification after reviewing your comprehensive contribution with the family
the very best

---- on 25.02.2005 areinstein wrote----

Hello again!

Ok, since you are arriving at JFK, I would suggest NOT to rent a car while you are in New York City. It will be expensive and impossible to find a place to park. I will definitely start in New York, you will need all of your energy for that city. If you do it at the tail end of the trip, you may be too tired to really enjoy it. Gosh, there is so much to do in New York, where could I begin.

Ok, here I go:

- Arrive at JFK, take a cab to your hotel (you can find a good one reasonable in Brooklyn and you can get around the subway, public transportation in NY is the greatest).
- Once you arrive, go to the Subway (although in Brooklyn, most of the trains run on top, not underground) and get a Metro Card, for a week.
- Things to do would include:

Nice touristy walk on 5th Avenue (between 59th and 34th Street).

The Empire State Bldg is on 34th Street and 5th and the NY Public Library is on 42nd and 5th.

Check out Columbus Circle (good pics) at 59th Street and Central Park South. Once you are there walk down on 7th Avenue (from 59th) and you will get a great view of Times Square from afar.

Go to City Hall in Downtown and you can do a walk on top of the Brooklyn Bridge (you can see a pic of me on the Brooklyn Bridge here on my profile).

Down below the bridge, you can see South Street Seaport, that another place to check out that has nice shops.

Go to one Broadway show at least, that is what NY is all about but do what locals in New York do. Go to the half price stands, there is one on Times Square that is a landmark but that is where all the tourist go and you will be in line for hours. Go to the one near the South Street Seaport. Here is the link: (Duffy Square is the one on Times Square by the way, dont go there)

Actually this website will give you a good idea of the things to do in NY, I guess I am telling you what things are worth checking out.

Go to Central Park really quick, see how New Yorkers get their exercise on the weekends, it is packed on Sat and Sun.

Take a tour to the Statute of Liberty. Now that there is more security you have to buy a timeline for when you want to go on top. Check out this website for prices and timetables:

If the wife wants a fake Gucci, Fendi, LV, Christian Door purses, you can find those in Chinatown (canal street) but you have to discretly ask the people, it is an "underground" purchase now.

Another place worth seeing is the former World Trade Center site. It is getting rebuilt but you can only get the true meaning of what has happened when you know what used to be there. If you have been to NY once before and saw them there you will get the idea. Go to a church next to the site, that has all the "history" of what happened that day.

One full day should be allocated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That is on 5th Avenue and 79th Street. It is sooooo worth seeing especially for the kids. They may be bored to tears but they will appreciate it when they get older.

Check out another landmark, the Radio City Music Hall on 6th Avenue and 49th Street (or 50th??).

If you want to go extravagent, of course you can do a helicopter ride around the city, that will be amazing.

Lastly, check out the Circle Line. This is the way to see all of NY, even New Yorkers do this all the time. Ck this out:

I have done this at least 3 times while I lived in New York and it never gets old. They have shorter tours instead of going around the entire island of Manhattan by the way. (Check out the Intrepid, next to the Circle Line, it is war museum).

Ok, I hope this helps. I have a cousin visiting from Germany with her husband in May and we are taking them to NY for few days. What I gave you is exactly what I am going to do with them. Good luck!

PS. If you have time and patience go to the top of the Empire State Blg. It takes too long to get up there now, about three hours, without the WTC, it is now the only high place to visit.

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For accomodations, I would check the "accomodation" section of this website. NYC is a very very expensive city and the places I saw listed here were very reasonably priced and in good areas as well...

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If you do hit Hawaii, let me know!

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For getting around within the country, you might want to take a look at the low-cost carriers that have popped up in the last few years.,, and
Unless you're trying to do a month-long road trip, these cheaper airlines are the way to go.

Good destinations include:
Seattle, Washington (not warm, but a really interesting city with nice people),
San Diego, California (Nice weather all year-long, great for surfing and other water sports),
Austin, Texas is a popular place in the South for young people, plus it has an active music scene,
Washington, DC - Check out the nations' capitol, and see what it's really like) - lots of free museums, concerts, lectures, etc.,
Miami, Florida - Definitely an interesting place. Lots of Art Deco architecture, a strange mix of people, and great winter weather.