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Hi, I'm new here. I've looked around everywhere on things about Barcelona and Madrid, but mostly everyone is talking about going to all the museums and stuff. My group and I will go see a couple, but we only have a week and we want to live it to the fullest. Now I've heard of the great nightlife both cities have, but, wat about the coasta Brava area and go do wine-tasting and water activities, no one has mentioned this. I'm trying to look around and I've found a few sites that says they do the activities and tours. They just say they're located in costa brava but they dont say where exactly seeing how costa brava is a coastline of towns.. But I'm not sure if they're real or are they just schemeing. But I'd like to go scuba diving and bungee jumping and stuff, anyone has things on other stuff to do other than goto museums? (No offense)... just, our group...19-24...just wanna play around and have fun. hehe

Thanks guys,


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Which are the companies you have seen?

There a lot of companies doing water/wind/earth activities around the Costa Brava, which is the coastline from the border with France up to Sant Feliu de Guixols (1 to 2 hours north of Barcelona). Most of them are trustworthy, so you shouldn't be worried about that.

If you give me the websites (in case they are only in spanish) I can take a look at them and recommend you one.

The wine tastings in Catalonia (the region for which Barcelona is the capital), are made in the Penedes area mostly, if I am not wrong. Which is a bit down to the south-west of Barcelona.

Well, if you need any specific help on anything just ask. If you are dropping by Madrid, I can recommend you some nice places to go out, drink and eat, with good atmosphere, my boyfriend lives in Madrid and we love to hang around and eat tapas while drinking few beers.

3. Posted by nightcrawl (Budding Member 10 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the reply. All the sites I found for daytrips to costa brava are in english so its ok if you say they're trustworthy. Yeah we are planning on going to Madrid for a few days. We're thinking taking a train to madrid from barcelona early morning and get there around noon and check into a hotel (which we havent decided on yet) and then go sightseeing and touristy stuff and experience the nightlife and such.

And then the next day we were thinking of taking like a 3/4 day? 1/2 day? to toledo in the morning and head back to madrid in the evening. and then the next day we'll go do our shoping and sightseeing again and probably take a late night train back to barcelona and then the next morning we'd head out to costa brava for the day for activities and such and then its my sisters' birthday, so we're definitely gonna celebrate...and then the next day we'll go shop and do watever and then the day after that we leave spain early in the morning.

Wow I just wrote you a whole novel here huh? Heheh. Sorry to bother, its just I'm trying to get to know spain and what to do so we can have a good time there.