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India is one of the safest country to travel as in general the people here are very generous and can offer anyone who is in need - food, shelter, spiritual advice and even sometimes with money for free.
But as there are good as well as bad people everywhere hence one must be careful also when travelling in remote areas in cities.
Especially in the last few years when the indian society become more open to the western culture the crime against women in some northern cities has increased as there is a struggle between the old mentallity and the new one.
For ex. women wearing provocative clothes can attract bad comments. But sounding an alarm and scolding the eve teaser in public is one of most easy and best thing to do when some one is eve teasing as in that case the local people are very helpful for women. In worst case police is very fast & always helpful.
But these incidences are very rare and generally people offer respect to the travelers.
Also the south india is more safer to women.
But everyday thousands of travelers come to india and travel to northern as well as southern part of india freely. Even I had hosted some travelers at my home. One was a single 20 year old girl from Europe travelling to all over India alone for many months.
So I feel when one is confident one should follow his/her instinct and should travel to whatever place he/she wants without thinking about the minor things.
Actually the biggest problem of India i.e its Huge Population becomes an boon for travelers as wherever they go they will not feel alone. Even at the most lonely places you will find many people as they all would have come in search for a lonely place. Such is India !!!!!
Cost in India is not a issue for a person coming from Europe or US. Food, room, train fare every thing is very cheap here.
From Rs 10,50,100 you can get average - good food.
From Rs 100,250,1000 you can get average - good room.
From Rs 500,1000,3000 You can travel from one corner to another in Sleeper 2nd class - AC class.

Hence approximately Rs 20,000 per month is more than enough for a good to very good travel in india including food, stay and travel fare and little shopping. It can be even less if you can afford an average travel facilites. But if you Travel by Air then obviously the cost will escalate.

Talking about working and living in Kerala....I think this is the best thing to do. Kerala is very good center of Yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic treatment. you can also learn these things in any ashram there like Kerala Ayurvedic Pharmacy center. Also Haridwar and Rishikesh in north India on the Bank of Ganges are major center of spirituality, learning yoga and ayurved.

Also if you are fond of indian movies then go to Mumbai aka Bollywood. If you are IT freak then Bangalore the silicon valley of India is the must visit place. Chandigarh and punjab always attract everyone for its rich punjabi culture and affluent villages. The snow peaks of Himalaya and the green valleys in Kashmir, Himchal and Darjeeling are the most touching moments in ones heart.

Rest is your Will Power and Passion to Come and Travel to India and Feel every bit of it and listen the melodies music of India yourself.

I am always ready to help and guide you in the best possible way.

Have a nice Travel to India...........Aman

P.S. - This was the message i replied to a traveler ...I wrote it as it can be of help to many travelers coming to India. Thanks.

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yhanks for the thourough information about India. I wonder if you could help out with an information concerning living in India. Do indain authorities allow foreigners to live and invest in India, and what are the conditions.
Another thing I´m curious about is the standard of living, Meaning tghat I know the prices of hotels, food etc. But what really interst me is for example how much an engeineer or a doctor or a civil servant or a taxi driver earns a month. Low salaries, medium, and high.
Thanks in advance/Pierre

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Hi Voyages,
Yeah you are this wave of globalisation as Indian Professionals moving to US for better jobs ...also some people from US and Europe coming to India especially Bangalore to do the IT or related jobs.
There are so many people who came from US and Europe already working in many IT companies in Bangalore and living there.
Also one can see a lot of them in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.
Actually this shift is due to the high salary they are getting and the good work environment.
An average Software Professional can earn about Rs 5 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs per year (1 million = 10 lakhs). If one is doing some low IT stuff like in networking etc then also one can expect Rs 3-5 Lakhs pa.

with the Experience the Project Manager can earn around 25 Lakhs per year or more.

Also please remember that the high salary are more biased toward the IT sector then other. But they also have good salary package.

A civil servant in A class post can earn about Rs 4 Lakh pa.
A civil servant in 4th class can earn about Rs 1-2 Lakh pa.

A car driver if he has having his own car can earn about Rs 2-4 Lakhs pa with in some months low and in some high income.

If he is only a driver then less then Rs 1 Lakh pa.
A doctor in govt. service earns about Rs 3-4 lakhs pa or more as exp. increases.
But a doctor having good private practice can earn about Rs 10 Lakh pa easily.

Also a high school teacher can earn Rs 2-3 Lakhs.

Hence the high salaries are generally in Software and Medical and other professional fields.
There are also other new fields to work now in Bollywood - Choreography, Photography, story, music, graphics in movies.
Construction and Design in Real Estate.
Research in Stock Market......etc

All earning handsome salaries.

Yes if one has job on offer on can work and live in India. Also if anyone want to invest in Indian Stock Market or in any Indian Venture or Company he has to fulfil certain conditions and he can invest and earn handsomely from the enormous grwoth of India and its companies (India's GDP increasing@ 7-8 % pa and most Indian companies are growing more than 25-50% pa).

If still need some query then you can ask me. I will try to answer it.


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Thanks Aman. You're a good ambassador for your country;)

I'm having a dose of nerves about travelling alone to India, and was even thinking about waiting until I have a companion, but your post has encouraged me again.

Thanks again,


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Hi Samsara,
I think If you already have a companion then it is fine otherwise one should not wait for a companion to travel to any place whether it is india or any other. Actually when you will be just about to leave alone you will get a companion yourself as there are many people looking for companios. But first of all you should have the courage and moreover passion to Travel Alone.
Last month a similar thing happened with me. I was to travel a spiritual city in India so firt 1-2 I looked for a companion..asked my friends......but noone agreed. Then I decided to go solo. and I told my friend that I am going alone. He surprised and then he told me on the last day that he also want to go but you have to ask my father.......when I went his home to ask his know what his father said...."Actually we also wanted to go but we didnt want to go you are with us then our whole family want to go"
And when i reached home my siste also eager to go.

Now I started solo....actually I wanted to go alone but then atlast on the same night we were a total of people me, my sister, my friend and his whole family went to the Spiritial city together.

Hence first have a zeal and passion to travel and walk alone in life.......Many people with common interests and goals will join you on the way........You will never be alone.

Have a nice Travelling.......Aman

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