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Hey all...

My planning is really really really coming along now! i'm so happy with my hostels and tours etc... BUT i'm REALLY struggling with Bus travel and finding South American Companies!

Anyone who knows of any companies in the countries below or for the routes below i'd be soooooooo greaful.

I'm looking to book a journey from.....

Quito to Lima
Lima to Cusco
Cusco to Puno
Puno to La Paz
La Paz to Calama/San Pedro de Atacama
Calama/San Pedro de Atacama to Santiago
Santiago to Punta Arenas
Punta Arenas to Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires to Sau Paulo
Sao Paulo to Rio
Rio to Caracas
Caracas to Canaima

I realise some of these journies will be long and some are not possible by coach but only air, but we are on a really strict budget and i'm TERRIFIED of flying!

Also i realise from reading up that a lot of these trips will be much cheaper booked at the time in the country, but i'm trying to budget well more than anything!

Please any help would be soooooooo great!

Nicola x x

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Your best plan is to buy Lonely Planet; South America on a shoestring,find a beach near Manchester,sit down and it will tell you all the information you require,and you will have severe sunburn!!!
Make no rigid timetable plans and just take each day as it comes as thats the spirit of enjoying "Bus Travelling".
I have never attemped a journey such as yours but in my bus journeys through Central America and Asia I got used to jumping a bus appox between 0700 and 0800 and jumping of appox 1200,finding digs then exploring the town or beach and either stay or head out next day appox 0800.
Have a great Bus trip and enjoy your travels.
al de bes mon

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Quito to Lima, there is an international bus company that is listed in lonely planet which does a 30 hour bus ride to Lima from Quito, costing roughly about $60US.
Beleive me flying will cost you about $180 minimum, i checked it out.
The company is called Ormeño International. It is in the guiness book of records actually as being the company with the largest link in the world. Venezuela to Argentina.
The bus was brilliant, they stop at the two checkpoints needed to sign out of lima/peru and into the ongoing country. The seats were leather and reclinable, and i would fully reccommend them.
Obviously toilet la la la inculded. Not bad films too!


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sorry forgot to mention, Lima to Cusco is 25 hours, a company cALLED Cruz Del Sur are the main company. I advise if you can afford it fly, it is a Fín bitch going over the Andes in these roads which dont let you sleep as they are so twisty, the bus freezes as its cold at night and then gets roasting by the heaters, knightmare.
Many buses go to Puno form Cusco but i went another way.. cant help there.
Puno to La Paz is either via Copacobana or direct, 8 hours the direct is, just go to the terminal the day before and book a ticket, even on the day as they are rarely full and find the cheapest, again border crossing is done easily.


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Sorry, i am being an idiot too, you will be taking the Lima to Cusco bus if you are terrified of flying!
Unless you are staying in hotels, listen to word of mouth from people travelling if they have just left somewhere and an "amazing" hostel, if people have only just left there and it suits your price why not give it a try, rather than thinking ahead of where you are gonna stay from a book. I have found out from Lonely Planet places that say they have the basic commodity of hot water often lie! Since leaving Lima i have had nothing but horrible cold showers in the majority of places i have stayed!

If you need any other advice, mail me, cos i have been here over 4 months now on the rough path you have suggested. Hope this helps anyway.