A little help for the nervous student, please. :)

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Hey everyone, I'm going to be backpacking through Europe in May, and I wanted some feed back on where to go when i start out in Dublin. I plan on going from Dublin to London to Normandy, to Paris, to Aix-en-Provence, to Nice, to Florence, to Rome, to Vienna, to Venice. Any help on those places would be much appreciated as well. OH!!! I'm not to experianced with Italy, so... could i get by with a intermediate knowledge of French, a few words of Italian, and English? I hate to be rude like that, but i don't have enough time to become proficent in Italian right now. :( Thanks for your help.

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Hey Thomas, welcome aboard! Visited Michigan once for about 4 weeks. Very nice state, probably one of the nicest I have been too :) I think we even made it to Ann Arbor but it has been a few years so not sure anymore...

Sounds like a great trip you are planning on doing there. First of all, no reason to be nervous; you will be meeting people from day one.
Secondly, on the Italian note; don't think it is a problem. I have been there once or twice and I don't speak a word. They don't like it when you speak spanish to them is something I figured out pretty quickly. Don't know what they feel about french. But English should stand you in good stead...

A tip I have heard pays off for young Americans travelling on their own.... try and find a Maple Leaf and sew it to your backpack. I have heard a few stories of people not being helped till the people helping them heard they were Canadian, not American Yes, it is kind of sad really.....

Cheers and happy travels!


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According to Johnny Depp, that American actor on.. David Letterman a few days ago, the issue of US-France is way overblown, so its best that you brush up on your foreign language, also, if possible, dont extend your accent too much.

If the french say they don't like what's happening in the world, and that is due to US (whatever), then all I can say, is its gonna be tough on you if you extend/flash your "I'm American" kinda thing there. Like Sam says, best be a tad careful. Speak english if you can, only if you can't get away with speaking something else.

However in Italy, it shouldnt be a problem. Italians love the Americans, and you shouldn't have much problems there. But its still best to be careful than to be sorry. And yes, its best to stick to english rather than spanish (they'll kill you, literally speaking that is!)... The Italians are really warm people. If they don't like you, they'll show it. Unlike the French.

All the best!