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I am a 23 year old American female looking for a travel companion to explore Europe with me this summer. I am headed for the UK in early June and plan to leave Europe in mid-November. I am extremely flexible as to where I go and when I get there. I do want to see: England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Scandanavia, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Iceland, France, Germany, and if you are planning a trip to any of these places, send me a response and we can meet up somewhere. I like to hostel and camp. I like visiting the touristy areas of countries, but also seeing the rural places. I want to do some hiking, train riding, museum viewing, and have some great adventures. If you are fun-loving, adventureous, ready to explore Europe and want a friend, send me a response. I am also interested in hearing from people who have previously visited parts of Europe or from those that are from to what countries and places I should definitely see. Travel tips, ideas for adventure, and local's knowledge appreciated.

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Europe is going to be expensive this summer "courtesy" of Dubya, so you might need some budget tips.
I am planning to live in the extremely pittoresque southern Sweden's resort town (Simrishamn) this summer, alone in a small appartment close to the sea, so if you blow your budget and decide that you might likesome free lodging while travelling, feel free to contact me. I am - by no means - in your age bracket, so not a travel companion, but you could be welcomed for a few days if you liked it.

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Good luck with your planning! I've travelled (and still do) extensively in all of the places you mentioned except Portugal and have lived in 5 of them so can help with the local knowledge thing, but asking people to recomend things to do/places to see in such a large and varied area is impossible to really answer.

What you should definitely see/do depends to a fair extent on what sort of person you are/what you like and whether you want to stick to the more touristy destinations/routes or prefer to go off the beaten track.

Sorry - that doesn't sound like i'm being helpful in the slightest! that is certainly not the intent, i just need more of an idea of what you actually want to know! If you have any specific questions/queries etc or want to bounce ideas/iteneraries etc around don't hesitate to ask.

Have a great trip

Btw, Basia, Simrishamn?? just down the road and very nice!! I see your bio says Swedish - are you from Skåne originally?