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Thank you all for the kind welcomes! Give me a couple more days to get you a proper update

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Quoting Brendan

Thank you all for the kind welcomes! Give me a couple more days to get you a proper update

And, to get back into the swing of chat!! It's hard when your fingers are out of practice!!!! ;)

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Hmm, where shall I start? Perhaps the beginning.

Before I left for Spain I finished up a year of schooling in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. The day was the 28th of April - I was to leave the 5th of May from Edmonton, Alberta. The only problem was my car insurance was expired and my licence for driving was due to expire on the 30th. I bought some car insurance to last until midnight of the 30th to match my licence. Thus I had two days to get from Victoria to Edmonton.

This is not really two difficult - unless of course you are moving your belongings along with you and all you have is an old piece of "mierda" car. Or at least that is what it turned out to be.

In the afternoon of the 30th I was pulling into Calgary - I spent the afternoon with a friend because I had more than enough time to drive the two hours to Red Deer (Where I was going to drop the car off). I didn't get away though until 10:30pm so now I only had one and a half hours to get to Red Deer - It was going to be tight.

I was just on the city limits when the engine gave out - slowly dragging me to a complete stop along the side of the road. After someone finally stopped to help me out it was way past 12:00pm...

I had it towed into Calgary that night. And then the next night I had it towed to Red Deer.. $250 later I was parking the car and heading for Edmonton.

From Edmonton I had a flight to Vancouver (yeah I know...) and from there to London and then to Madrid. I hate flying.

We had a car rented and drove north in to Castilla y Leon. South-West of the city of Leon is a small village in the low rocky peaks of mount Toleno. This is where I spent the most of my days and nights. With only the sounds of a flowing creek and the odd cricket the days were peaceful.

Day hikes into the hills were are regular thing. And spending the nights reading, eating great food and playing some cards. We would drive into the closest town every couple days for groceries which I must say are in a sad state of affairs.

Near the end we decided to head west into Galicia. I think this is now my favorite place. The cold sandy beaches of the Atlantic are superb. At one beach near Malpica (West of La Coruna) we saw some brave spaniards splashing in the frigid waves. Being the hearty Candians which we are we decided we couldn't be shown up. I must admit - getting into that water past the waist line was the most difficult part of the trip.

We spent three days camping along the coastal waters until working our way back to the south towards Madrid. The flight back was not good. I hate flying. We flew Madrid to Frankfurt to Montreal to Ottawa to Edmonton. The food from Germany was some of the best inflight food I have had yet. And for the travellers out there - when booking your flight order a "special" meal, in this case Vegetarian, they bring them out first and everyone around you loaths you.

And for the Montrealers here - I did try to get a stop over there, alas, AirCanada blows.

Hasta Pronto!

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More....I want were gone a long time dammit. What what the best part? Where do you recommend to stay? Did you pick up any chicks? errr...I mean, did you meet anyone special? ;) and you hate flying. Did you kill the car? Where are you going next? Did you wash behind your ears every day? Is there anything you wish you had brought that you didn't? Or anything you brought that you wish you had left at home? Was there anything you found indispensible? More! MORE! (Yes, I am still travelling through others;))
Very glad your back:)
~Your favorite Aunt, CC

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Hmm, haha let me try to answer some of your questions. I think the best part was Galicia. It is a beutiful area. Long rugged coast lines with brilliant blue waves smashing into the rocks. The few sandy stretches are large, empty and perfect. I really want to go back there. Rent a motorcycle and race through the winding mountain roads and beaches. ;)

And I recommend staying at my mom's house in the village

And no I didn't pick up any chicks haha!

What car?

I want to sail around the world next.

I only washed behind my ears every four or five days..

No I can't think of anything that I wished I had taken, maybe a companion.. ;)

I took WAY too many clothes.