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Hi Everyone,
I arrived in Brisbane about 2 weeks ago and am staying with family about 45 mins from the city. Ive been giving it alot of thought and im not too sure where to go next???
I have a cousin i was going to visit next in Melbourne so was thinking of going there in the next week and work for a month or two through the winter then travel up the east coast to Cairns.
The other options is to fly straight to Carins (where the weather will be much more appealing) and travel down the coast.
The weather factor is pushing me towards the second option but this will mean doing it in a quicker time due to funds, however if i work here or in Melbourne for a bit first this will allow me to take my time, Only thing is it seems very quiet this time of year and i keep thinking i should be somewhere more happening to get the best of my year here.
Any suggestions will be a great help, hope i havent confused you all as much as i have confused myself.

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Why not just head to Cairns & get a job there.. then you have it covered

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It's winter in Melbourne

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I may come across as a traitor (being a Melburnite), but I'd definitely do the second option...I dream of spending winter in the north....to go the other way would be mean spending the worst season in Melbourne. I love Melbourne, but it is much better at any other time of year but now
I have also heard Cairns is better in June - August, not just because it is warmer than the south, but also there is less rain and not so many problems with jellyfish...some Queenslander help me out here...

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Thanks everyone.
Cairns is certainly seeming more appealing than Melbourne at the moment!
Im going to confuse things even more now by telling you all that the cousin i will be staying in Melbourne with will be leaving in September so by the time i get back down there he will have gone and i will have no one to stay with, dosnt matter too much i suppose but would have been handy.
Mmmmm, maybe i will travel to Melbourne next week, brave the cold weather for a month and then fly to Cairns for August.
Decisions! Decisions!

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Go to Cairns!
I lived there for 4 years when I lived in Aus and its an amazing place. The weather around this time of year will be superb compared Melbourne which will be Cold & Rainy. Cairns doesnt really have much of a Winter season...temps will still be lovely this time of year (spoke to my grand parents the other day they said it had been devine) and you will still be able to swim and dive.

Quercus is right about the jellyfish too :)