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Some tongue-in-cheek questions about South America

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Some tongue-in-cheek questions about South America

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11. Posted by Macachae (Full Member 240 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Why don't shopkeepers or taxi drivers have change, even after a bustling business day?
They have but... they prefer to give you the fake...

Why do street vendors display their entire inventory, even when it is 50 of the exact same pot, table cloth or bar of chocolate?
so tourit ask why? and after they buy it...
Why does a three-hour bus trip cost the same as a 10-minute taxi ride?
think, the distance where you have to go is the same... so do you want to spend the time in a bus all your trip???
Why is the water supply so questionable, or is it really so dodgy?
Drink beer or wine
Why do so few toilets have lids or rings?
Why can't you put toilet paper in the toilet? And where does it go?
[/b]Souvenniers for tourist

Why do Bolivians STILL think Peruvians are crooks, Peruvians think Bolivians are pedestrian, and no one trusts anyone from Chile?
It´s don´t important for argentinean we´re the best

Why is the first meter of most tree trunks painted white in plazas throughout South America?
yes, why not blue or red???maybe is it not paint , it is a pesticide, did you think it???
How is it that restaurant service gets worse the fewer people sitting down?
break time for the waiters... did you work like one??

What's the difference between manjar and dulce de leche?
Dulce de leche is the real and original
Does anyone in La Paz, Bolivia, have a day job? It seems the entire population is on the street all the time.
Paro, huelga, desempleo

Why are most Bolivian taxis imported from Japan and converted from right to left-hand steering?
second hands[b]

Finally, just to make sure you don't think I'm being a culture-shocked jerk... The last sentence show why we travel and are tourist!

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