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Can anybody out there help me plan my upcoming trip??

Im planning on flying to PAris (spending 5 days there), then my inter rail pass will start for 22 days, so ihave 22 days to get around France, through Spain, back through the other side of france, maybe calling at Luxembourg and heading to Belgium!!

Is belgium worth going to?? Or would it be better to stay in Spain and France longer??

Which places would you suggest in France to visit??

Which places in Spain??

What will be the best route??

Very stuck, so any help would be very much appreciated



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Personally, I'd suggest Holland instead as the people are so friendly and they like us Brits.

Having said that, Bruges in Belgium is said to be spectacular, so maybe worth a try, plus they do some of the best beer outside the UK!

3. Posted by scottlik (Budding Member 19 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

cheers mate

planning on going to holland after for a few days anyway??

Any views on the best route around france spain and back again??

Scott ;)

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Steve is right - Brugges is stunning. They call it the Venice of the north for a reason: the whole town is riddled with canals. You can take a boat tour or just walk around the old buildings, and there's a jam-packed market square that sells those delicious chocolate waffles and other yummy treats. I almost skipped Brugges altogether, but decided at the last minute to go and it was the best part of my trip.

Steve is also right about the beer - the beer shops are stocked to the brim! They make over 200 different kinds of beer in Belgium - and it's so teeny tiny.

For your other questions:

France: see all the tourist things around Paris (cause you have to!), but also make time for Pere-Lachaise cemetery and the Catacombs.

Spain: Ronda is a gorgeous city, split in two by a giant chasm that's spanned by the "new" bridge (it's like 300 years old). You can stop for a drink (or two) at the hotel/cafe next to the bridge just to enjoy the view. The Alhambra in Granada is also supposed to be nice, but I didn't get the chance to go. You can also head out to Gibraltar if you want to see the rock, the maqcaqs, and yet another Marks and Spencers.

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Visit Paris, and all around paris as it has been said.
Belgium is really gorgeous MORE THAN HOLLAND!!! I've visited al the Flamande area and it is really good: Brugges, Gantes, Anvers... really interesting cities. Brussels.. is not bad, but...
If you decide to go to the south of france visit Marseille, Aix-en-Provence (lovely town), Montepellier is also beautiful, Perpignan. Don't miss Colliure (really close to the border with Spain).
Then, Catalunya: you cannot miss Girona and Barcelona. Close to BCN you,ve Sitges: really beautiful!!!
Then the south of Spain is also good: Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla.

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If you are going to Paris, then you should also see the other side of France.

The TGV is only 3 hours to the Med. You could spend a few days in Languedoc & Provence ?

And then you are pretty close to Spain ................. ?


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Thankyou all for your help and advice??

Is the inter rail the best bet then to use for travelling??

Are there any hostel discount cards that are worth getting hold of?