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1. Posted by IronChef (Full Member 1076 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I'm moving from Ruckersville, VA to San Rafael, CA. I lived on Treasure Island, in the bay between Oakland and San Fran for a year and a half, and am finally getting back out there. San Fran's an awesome city and I can't wait to get back. I want to plan a cool route from east to west and check out a bunch of stuff on the way. Any ideas? I am thinking I want to check out the SW - Arizona, Utah some other stuff. Tell me about all the cool places to check out on the way as I am a nomad in training!

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I am planning to travel east coast to west in September as well. We have about 5 weeks to do it.

Probably from New York to San Francisco.

Can anyone recommend a good route and a place that we can hire a car for cheap.


3. Posted by IronChef (Full Member 1076 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I know that I have already done a camping trip though the middle of the country. From Virginia to Colorado and, no offense intended but Kansas and Eastern Colorado are BORING. Very flat with no scenery. I am thinking about heading more towards the dessert and the Grand Canyon along a southerly route. But I only have about a week to travel.

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Alright everybody. I've figured out a little bit. I'm planning on heading west kinda on the southerly tip.

Headin through Kentucky into Tennessee, Arkansas, into Oklahoma, Texas then into New Mexico, Arizona (def stopping by the Grand Canyon for an extra day), on into Cali.

As I am an aspiring chef, I wanna stop in these states and pick up local prodcuts and food stuffs. I'm lookin' for cool spots to stop in these states. Campgrounds, parks, cities, etc. What's worth seein' in your neck o' the woods?

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Hi Lance,

Maybe you could take a look at Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent, where he recounts his drive around a big chunk of the U.S. If I remember right, he talks about most - if not all - of the places you've mentioned. It might give you an idea of what to see along the way, and even if it isn't helpful, it's really, really funny.


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Iron Chef,

Stop in Dove Creek, Colorado for good anasazi soup beans, adobe milling spices and hot sauces. Arizona is known for it's "Ass-Kickin'" product line--but I'm not sure which city it's from (they sell lots of places, though). Go to Maria's Restaurant in Santa Fe for the best southwest cookbook I've found (and the best southwest cuisine).


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Hey, I notice you were planning on skipping Colorado--so I guess I should point out that Dove Creek is right on the border with 3 other states (4 corners region) and not completely out of your way.

P.S. If you lived on Treasure Island, you must have been in the navy at one time or else you attended the Merchant Marine Academy. So I guess you are also good sailing on the water--meaning you'll fit right in back in the Bay area. Welcome back!!


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Well. A time is coming short I have got a bit of a plan. I'm gonna be taking route 40 west for most of the way. I hope that I have enough time to stop at all the places I've been hearing about. I guess my main goal is to get out to the desert. So far I've been through the mountains of Vermont and the Rockies in Colorado. I've been able to get down to the Keys and out to Key West. So the next step is to see the deserts in America and then I'll be pretty satisfied with having seen most of the country and most environments.

I'm definitely looking forward to the Grand Canyon and the painted desert. I've heard a rumor of some rocks and boulders out in Death Valley that move through the desert. No one is sure as to why or how. Maybe something magnetic or the weight of the boulders on the shifting sands. I plan on finding out. Answer this age old dilemna for the world! That is if they really exist and that another TPer doesn't find my skeletal remains in the middle of the desert.:(

Man, I'm running out of time. Leaving Tuesday and I still haven't finished packing. And here I am devoted to y'all. I hope to be able to stop along the way and update. At least to add to my very empty travel diary.

So much to do but first ... sleep. I'll conquer the world tomorrow.

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A little coffe this morning and Bling!, Bling! baby. I think I'm ready to do this. As I'm sitting here twitching in my chair. Maybe a little less on the coffee. Today, I must part with my partner of 5 years. I am taking Earl to the pet store to try and find him a good family. Just too much to bring along a 75 gallon aquarium. EJ is down for the ride, though. (check'em out in the photo gallery).

My roommate's gonna help me bring Earl down in his truck.

Man, getting to the point where the nerves are feeling frazzled. Am I doing the right thing. Leaving alot behind for a brighter future! HHmmmm, probably too late for second guessing - so WAGONS HO! Head west young man.