Is £3000 enough???????????

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I am hoping to go on a RTW trip with my girlfriend later this year.At the minute it looks like we will have about £3000 each to spend.Out of that though must come our flights and visas etc.We are looking to do South East Asia and then Aus and NZ.We are both willing to work and dont care too much where we stay.Is this amount of money likely to be enough.We are looking to go for 6 months.

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To be honest, if you have to pay for flights, insurance visas and spending money from 3 grand... for 6 months it wont be enough! A rtw ticket depending on route, number of stops and when you leave will set you back at least £850 - but then youll pay at least 150 quid tax on top of that. Insurance varies depedning on what you want cover for, how long etc, but at most will be about £250. If you want to work in oz or NZ, a year long holiday visa cost about 75 quid each (I think) and you need proof that you have £2000 in the bank (each) so they know you can support yourself and afford to get home if you dont get work. As for a spending budget... well, SE asia is dirt cheap, you can get hostels for like 2 quid a night, so you can probably budget a day for less than a tenner. I dont know where youre planning on visiting in Asia, but most countries require a visa, except thailand where you can get 30 days visa waiver, but if you want to stay longer, then you have to pay. I've just got my visa for vietnam which was £38 for a month. Oz and NZ are obviously more expensive - the least you'll get a hostel for is 7 quid a night, but most ive looked at have been closer to ten. Plus food going out trips etc, so at very least I reckon £20 a day. But you wouldnt be able to do anything for that! I'm using the greyhound bus and have bought a milage pass which was £380.

If I were you, I'd wait a bit longer and get a bit more money - maybe 3 grand spending money and earn enough to pay for flights a visas, then work your way round.

Hope this helps

Tams x

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I recently went on a six-week trip in Europe. I spent 2000pounds in six weeks, and that was scraping by, and also part of the time in Eastern Europe. Not to be a pessimist, but you ALWAYS spend more than you think. No matter how much you budget, there will always be unexpected events (like your hostel deciding to give away your room and it's 11pm and you need a cab to the next hostel that will cost you 20euros...yeah fun). I don't know about a 6month trip, but I know I spent quite the significant amount in only 6 weeks. When you are travelling, it's always good to bring more, because you will be less stressed about it and have way more fun. You want to be able to arrive somewhere and say "Oh, let's do that horsebackriding tour in the mountains" or whatever else. Good luck!