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Hello Everybody

Last week I came back from my trip to Odessa and would like to present some of my observations regarding this city. Let me begin by saying that I love Odessa!!! Everything about it impressed me! Hospitable and friendly people, a great number of architectural monuments, lovely beaches, seaside vistas, relaxing parks, restaurants, disco club....

First of all - architecture. It is magnificent. Strikingly ornate buildings of the 19th century are reminiscent of Right Bank Paris. When I went to Opera and Ballet Theatre, it took my breath away. No wonder it holds the 2nd place by its beauty in the world after Milan's La Scala.

Then I was truly astounded by the number of beautiful people that I saw in Odessa. I remember the words of the old Beatle song "Back in the USSR" that stated how the Ukraine girls really knock them out. It is true, at least in Odessa. They are truly physically beautiful people over there.

The prices also amazed me. I would travel by taxi for great distances to have the fare only equal a couple of dollars. I could not believe such inexpensive taxi travel.

During my visit I stayed in spacious apartment at only 60US$ per night. And it was in the best location! It was found for me by Svetlana - my best friend's friend. She lives in Odessa, works as an interpreter /guide and help tourists to find nice accomodation. Thanks to her I explored the most beautiful corners of Odessa, and learned lot's of new things. If any of you is going to visit Odessa, you can message me and I will give you her contact details

Other things I enjoyed were exciting riding at picturesque park zone along the seaside, wine-tasting at Tairov Institute, tours along Odessa catacombs, sea sailings on the yacht.

I also enjoyed outdoor cafes and bars. The weather was wonderful and it was so pleasant to sit outdoors and enjoy a drink or snack.

I left this city with only one thought - I'll be back. Yes, guys I will definetly come back there again!


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Sounds great Kevin,

I visited L'viv, which is a really beatiful place not too far from the Polish border, but didn't get down to Odessa. I'd like to visit there! When I was in L'viv I was amazed at how cheap everything was. You could eat all day for the price of a 1.5/liter of water in Amsterdam.

How did you get your visa? Was is a pain to do (invitation, etc.)?

Which part of Holland are you from?

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Hi Jeffrey I forgot to mention that till the 1st of September visa is not required to Ukraine... only for EU countries. Their new president made such decree. This way it's very easy for me to get there! I am from Amsterdam.

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Well that makes it much easier than it is for us to get the visa. I'll be in Amsterdam the last week of July (stopping for a little while on my way to India) staying around Leidesplein. You live in a very nice city!

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By the way, were the baeches packed with Beautiful Ukrainian girls. They were all over the place when I visited L'viv.

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I have good friends in a band called the Red Elvises who just played the G8 stage in Moscow~~

They have a great song about Odessa, and they are a ton of fun wherever they play~~

They are currently in Russia, check 'em out, could become "your favorite band"!

Tell 'em Rhodes sent you


Let me know what you think, please

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Hi and thanks to everyone from Ukrainian girl! :)
Glad you liked my country. And have you already heard that the visas for EU and USA are cancelled? And not only till 1st September! Now the term of non-visa entry is prolonged till the end of 2005 but unoficially it's said that next year the situation stays the same. Welcome! ;)

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Hi there
I'm planning a trip to Ukraine, in June 2006 and I would like to get in contact, if possible with your help, with people involved into water sports, especially windsurfing and kitesurfing, anyway, all info and help you could provide me it will be welcome.
My trip schedule isn't decided yet, most likely on June 2006, but if possible I'll like to share my interest on kitesurfing with also some cultural activities and also meeting and learning about people and their ways of life in your country.
I'm speaking Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German and a bit of Slovak but nor Russian or Ukrainian at all, do you have any idea of how shall I manage to get around?
Do you think if I would be able to get in contact with anyone on the wind-kitesurf local communities it would be possible to get some kind of escorting from their side to avoid travel nuissances or dangers?
I am currently living in north east BRAZIL, actually the city's name is Fortaleza, and though Brasil is defintely a not 100 per cent safe country, I guess, that fact don't make me invulnerable to possible incidents, partly because I am going to travel with a kite on a bag and a kite board (wrapped on paper) on the other hand, what, besides my most than probable foreigner look, will make me an easy target for any thug lurking around for its tourist prey.
I would appreciatte all info that anyone could provide.
You can see on the web about my professional activity through my sites.
Thanks a lot. CRIS

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Hi Galina
Thanks for your info, I know there's plenty time until June 2006 (maybe I'll come in May) but I prefer to prepare everything quite in advance and not wait for the last minute.
In fact, my plan is to kite Slovakia and enter Ukraine by the SK/Ukrainian border if possible, maybe by bus or by train.
How easy is to cross that border, do they annoy foreigner traveller on such unusual task as kiteboarding?
My plan is to writte a report and post it in all international forums and in some kitesurf magazines (not pofit from my side, just the paralel publicity that this would ask to my already known reputation as kite traveler and report writter on the kite forum international arena.
So,back to the facts,how about crossing the border, train? or perhaps a car, I could buy a cheap second hand one in Germany and try to sell it later once back in Germany or just get rid of it anywhere, does it sounds as a good idea to travel by car on foreign plates? or will I be spotted and stopped (and brived or annoyed) all the time. Are road trips safe in your country?
What about buying petrol along the way? How about changing money? Just in big cities or are csh dispenser somewhere around any city? May be better to travel by train and once in the spot see with taxis , buses or possible locals wishing to escort me?
Any idea of how could I get some reliable speaking (any of my languajes), local guy (or girl) who would not mind to come along and escort me, possibly partly or during the whole trip (expenses on me, of course).
What do you think?
Looking forward your news.
If you wish answering privatly you can do it to my mail adress kite4taleza@yahoo.com
Thanks again. Cheers. CIS