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I'm organising about a week's holiday in Norway with my Mum in mid-late August. I'm planning for us to catch an express boat from Bergen to either Sogndal or Fjaerland (catching the Flam railway on the way back) and from there catching buses to towns near Jostedalsbreen glacier & hopefully Jotunheimen National Park too. Can anyone give me some advice on:

- Where are the best places/towns where there is accommodation (my mum would prefer motels/hotels rather than hostels - that's alright with me, she's paying for it!) & is either close enough to the glacier & national park so that we can walk ourselves to see it, or can get an organised bus/tour?

- Which buses go to these towns?

- What are short (1 hour - full day) walks I could do from these places? I'm a fairly good hiker and would love to do something longer but my mum can't walk more than a couple of hours. Is there a good town from which I could go off on an organised overnight walk & my mum could stay in town & do short walks?

- Is the hostel/lodge at Gjendesheim the only place to stay there? I would really like to walk the Bessengen ridge as it seems the safest to do on my own and my mum could maybe catch the boat in and out. But she would prefer not to stay in that kind of accommodation. Is it too much going all the way there by bus if I'm also going to Jostedalsbreen?

- If I have to choose to spend most of our time around Jostedalsbreen glacier or Jotunheimen, which is the more spectacular? I just love glaciers & mountains. Is there still snow on the tops of the mountains by August?

I have got the express bus map (;1126) but that only shows the bigger towns and I don't know if they go to the smaller places.

Sorry for asking so much, I hope someone can give me some advice! I get a bit confused with all the similar place names, abbreviations, etc, don't know if it's just me!

thanks in advance

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Hi. Sorry to say I haven't travelled so much in my own country, so I can't help you with deciding where is the best place to spend time. But I've searched the internet for some webpages that might be useful.
I haven't read into the info you find on these pages, but hopefully they will be to some help. Have a great trip.

If you are thinking about going to Stavanger. Drop me a message and I can show you around.



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The official tourism site for Norway is quite good too and goes into a lot of detail on different areas... it's

Unfortunately, I don't have much experience myself with travelling in this area :(