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I'm going to Berlin next Tuesday and staying till Friday. Do any of you have any tips on what I should see & do while I'm there? I'm going with my parents and I'll probably go with them to see Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburger Tor and other typical tourist sites. I'm more interested in things/places that aren't crowded with tourists, though. Any coffeeshops with a special atmosphere? I'm very interested in art. What are some good galleries/museums?

Hope you're all ok!

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Hi there,

I was in Berlin 2 years ago. I only stayed for two days but I wish I had stayed at least a week. There is soooo much to see and do. The subway/transit system is cheap and convenient to use. Make sure you go to the Berlin Zoo while you are there, it may very well be the best one in the world. As for museums and galleries, I didn't get a chance to go to any due to my short visit. I took a bus tour which was helpful getting oriented but not very interesting (tape recorded tour guide). Make sure you check out the parts of the wall that are still standing and of course the Brandenberg Gate. I also went on a tour of the bunkers under the city, interesting but the tour guide wasn't very good. Apparently there is a really good walking tour of East Berlin though(ask about it at the tourist info center). As for less crowded spots?? It's a pretty busy and crowded city although there are a lot of small pubs and cafes to hang out in. It's a pretty modern city but the buildings that survived the war are amazing. It's very surreal seeing all of the buildings with bullet holes in them. Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a great time.


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I am also going to Berlin at the end of this month and I'm interested in the answers to this question. One place I had thought about going to was the Bauhaus museum though I know relatively little about it and was wondering if it's worth a visit?

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I did a great four-hour walking tour of the city a couple of years ago...the guide was fun and knowledgable and despite walking four-hours in the heat it went by fast. I would recommend it to anyone who isn't going to be staying in Berline for a long time (we were only there for three days). I can't remember the name, but I think it was Berlin Walks, they have a few different type of tours to choose from and they meet at Zoo Station. Insider Walking Tours also seem to cover a good amount of sites. Our guide and the guide from the other tour company had a lot of fun teasing each other because we basically covered the same sites at around the same time, and he kept on saying how much better our tour was, hehehe. Anyways, I hope that helps!

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wow, where do I start. I've never been on one of these walking tours mtlchica has mentioned, but English speaking friends of mine were very happy with Berlin walks. So, this is one option. A second one would be to hop on Bus # 100 and basically get an almost free tour around (just the cost of public transport) to see all the major sights. Sure, you won't have a guide explaining something to you, but I think it gives you a great first overview of the city. Concerning your question about art galleries and museums, it's quite hard to point out one in particular as we have so many. If you like modern and contemporary art, you'll find that at Nationalgalerie and Berlinische Galerie, Gemaeldegalerie and Alte Nationalgalerie are nice for older art. As far as the Bauhaus Museum, I haven't been there myself yet, but friends told me it's worth a visit.
If you're lucky with the weather, I'd recommend one of our beach cafés/bars (Strandbar Mitte, Oststrand, Bundespressestrand) to you, there are several around the city and it's always nice to hang out there. You'll also be able to find a lot of relaxed, but lively cafés in the "Kreuzberg" district and usually normal tourists don't tend to go there that often;).
How about you pm me and I can give you some more precise information.

Enjoy your stay!


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Sorry for not responding to your answers. My laptop screen died, went black and I haven't had any computer access...(and still don't)
Thanks for the answers, though! I'll take them with me when I leave Tuesday.