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Hi there,
I'm going from Krakovia to the tatra mountains in Slovakia this summer, but it's seems to be a bit difficult to get direct trains from Krakovia to Poprad-Tatry, which is the main train station.

My question is this: are there direct buses and how long do they take?

And if it is a bit of a pain in the neck what are the tatras like in poland. are they just as pretty? is there just as much to see? or is it a lot more touristy? I get the impression from the lonely planet guide that the tatras in poland are full of people.
Ok so that was more than one question but...help!!

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For information about bus transportation in Poland check their website www.pkp.pl
I didn't find direct connection from Krakow to Poprad

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Travel between Poland and Slovakia in the mountains is a bit of a pain... If you're really set on Poprad, I'm sure it's possible to take a bus from Krakow to a town in the Low Tatras in Slovakia and then catch another bus from there to Poprad. I did take a weekend trip from Krakow into Slovakia, to a little town called Liptovsky Mikulas (Liptowski Mikulasz, in Polish), which was very nice. It's still a little touristy, but seemed to be mostly Slovakians, if that makes a difference. The bus there was actually run by a private company, don't remember the name, but you can find them in one of the small trailer "offices" in the parking lot in front of the Krakow train/bus station. It was the last trailer as you are walking away from the train tracks in the direction of the center. Hope that helps. At any rate, these people are more likely to be helpful and speak English than the PKP employees, who are sometimes difficult to deal with even if you speak Polish. The Polish Tatras are also really nice, though. If you want to avoid tons of tourists, just don't go to Zakopane. There are plenty of people who rent out rooms in their houses in the smaller towns, too. Try googling "nizke tatry" for lots of info pages on accomodations and activities in slovakia... some of these have English versions. For Poland, try "niskie tatry", some of these should have English available, too... Well, those are for the Low Tatras, which are closest to Krakow. For High Tatras, which I think Poprad is located in (?), it's "vysokie tatry" or "wysokie tatry".

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1/3 of Tatras are in Poland - might be more touristy but easier to get from Krakow ('krakovia' is the name of the football club).

The further off the bitten track to less people. It's a custom in Tatras to say hello to every single person met on the trail.

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Hi, Monkeycat! When are you planning to go? I still haven't decided where to go and I haven't seen Tatry in summer
As for your questions I also think that Poprad is not the one place to see Tatras and Poland will be enough for one week. In case if you still decide to go to Slovakia there're definitely buses from Cracow and in winter buses go even from Zakopane. And to say the truth I don't agree with opinion to avoid Zakopane - it's full of turists as well as the other same places (Poprad for example). But there are many small interesting taverns and cafe which you can find only in Zakopane - to appreciate Polish hospitality and culture. And moreover from Zakopane is very easy to reach many interesting places in montains - they have ropeway (which I think should also work in summer) to the mountain Casprovi Verx (about 2 km high). Famous lake Morske Oko also is very close - and it's so beautiful!
You should also spend 2 days in Cracow - 1 day to see the city and 2nd day I recommend to go to Velicka (region of Cracow - small bus from center) where there's some very amazing place - salt mines. To my regret they don't allow to go there independently, at the place you will have to join the excursion (3 hours) but it's really worth to see. In 600 m under ground there are palaces made of crystal salt! They have sparkling galleries, stairs, lamps, sculptures etc etc... Very beautiful and interesting!
And also just for information in Cracow there's big covered Aquapark - Polish say that it's the biggest in Europe but I still can't compare... I was there on New Years night few years ago - that was exiting

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okay so i just checked it. to get from cracow to poprad you can take a bus from cracow to zakopane and then from zakopane to poprad.

polish tatras are very beautiful i went to zakopane last year and 2 years ago, and i'm going again this year

there are lots of people in polish mountains but i don't care. i don't go there to party but to climb. and an advantage is that mountains are very close so you don't need a car. slovakia is a good choice but only if you have a car or bike.