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Hi all !!

I am seriously thinking about going travelling next year and working in OZ for a few months. A friend told me to look into a company called BUNAC. So I checked their website and they seem like a well run / organised company.

Has anyone else heard of them ? has anyone ever heard any stories about them good or bad ?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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if you look in the australia forum then there's a post with some information about bunac- it's at the top of the the list of threads.

hope it helps,

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Hi Chris,

I went through BUNAC to get a working visa down in New Zealand. I could probably tell you whatever you need to know if you want to contact me. I think it might be a slightly different situation though as BUNAC is pretty much the only way a Yank can go about getting a working visa down there, whereas I think in the UK you have some other options.

All-in-all, I was very pleased with BUNAC, but were I able to get a visa without them, I probably would have saved myself the $450.

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A very good friend of mine joined BUNAC in NZ before heading to Europe for 4 years and he has loved it. I did it the solo way (no organised help) and can say that while I've met more locals and ended up and honorary Brit he has definitely got a tighter network of international friends and has done a lot of really interesting organised trips. I think he would recommend it espcially for the suppport you get on your first arrival in a new country. From where I'm standing - if you don't know anyone at your destination then go for it - its like having long lost relatives help you out for a while.

Good luck and travel safe!
Travel Mc:)

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Cheers for the replies, think I will be booking with them shortly !! think it seems the best / easiest way to travel if you are going on your own !!
there will be questions to come in the next few months !!