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Im gonna be staying at the Stratosphere for 3 nights.
Apart from the obvious gambling etc is there anything I should see during the day


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The more obvious things to do in Vegas are hang out at the pools, go to the bars or the clubs or the restaurants, gamble, see the shows (lots of major stars perform there--and they rotate who's performing on a regular basis), go to a spa--and, of course, get married. (More people get married in Las Vegas than any other city in the United States.)

Here's a few of the more unusual things to see/do in Las Vegas.

At the top of the Stratosphere where you are staying used to be the world's highest roller coaster--it would run around the outside of the top of the building--about 2,000 feet up from ground level--don't know if it's still there, though.

At the Treasure Island at night, outside you'll see a pirate ship. They have a full stage production where an English ship sails up and the two ships get into a fight with cannons raging and sailors swinging from ship-to-ship and one of the ships even being blown up and sunk. It happens twice nightly--at think at 7:30 and 9:00--but call for exact times.

At the Mirage at night, there is a volcano that explodes every 15 to 20 minutes and puts out a mixture of lava and water that lights up the entire city block--quite impressive.

The outside of the Luxor contains an entire re-creation of the Spinx, and inside is the world's largest atrium. They also have a very good nightclub (Raj).

For kids, go to the Circus-Circus, where they have regular circus, magic, and comedy shows that go on all day long on the upstairs level.

Some of the largest sports bars in the world are at Caesars Palace and at the Mirage. They also host some of the major prize fights. Also inside Caesars is a quarter-mile long indoor shopping center that is designed to make it look like you are still outdoors. They also have talking and moving statues at various spots.

Inside the Venetian is a miniature lake with gondolas going up and down and also with clowns and roaming gypsies performing. This goes on every day from around noon to 10 PM. You can pay to take a gondola ride if you want. There is also an entire re-creation of St. Mark's Square inside. Many restaurants on both the main floor and upstairs overlook both the gondolas and the square.

At the Las Vegas Hilton, there is a Star Trek Exhibition, which has two different very-elaborate rides similar to what you would find at Disneyland in the futureland areas. Rather than give away what happens, I'll just suggest you go see at least one of the two. They also finish with you in a re-creation of Quark's Bar (seen in Deep Space Nine). The exhibition is also the best collection of Star Trek stuff anywhere in the world--copies of which are for sale,naturally.

At the Bellagio they have the world's largest fountains. These shoot 300 feet in the air in time to recorded music. Watching this from the Eiffel Tower Restaurant across the street at the Paris Hotel when they are lit up at night is quite impressive--and something I take in everytime I'm in Vegas.

There is a giant wavepool (among a giant group of other pools, cabanas, and river rides) at the Mandalay Bay. However, it's only open to people who stay there overnight. They do have a few other unusual things there though--a see-through restroom (ask for explanation--it's too hard to explain here), a wine cellar with wine "angels" who retrieve your choices (also hard to explain), and an "ice bar" which consists of an entire bar (30 feet long) made of frozen ice at the Russian Restaurant there.

At the Palms they hold all the Celebrity Poker tournaments--with the stars from Hollywood. The Grand Series of Poker (6600 people competing for $10 million in prizes) is held downtown at Binions--I think they started last week and finish this week.

Downtown at Fremont Street, they have the "Fremont Street Experience"--this is gigantic overhead screens that have digital projections placed on them. (This was the downtown's areas attempt to get people to stay there instead of down on the "Las Vegas Strip".

Out west of town is Old Las Vegas--a wild, west recreation.

East of town a ways is Hoover Dam (also known as Boulder Dam)--one of the marvels of modern engineering. Take a tour of this for a truly awe-inspiring view. This one dam provides most of the electricity for Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

And lastly--the single most impressive thing--though expensive--is to take a helicopter from the airport out past Lake Mead to the Grand Canyon, where you fly along the mile-high rim, then land to have wine and cheese--and then return back to Las Vegas as the sun sets to fly over all the casinos and hotels that are now lit up--Amazing!!!.

It's important to know that Las Vegas just finished the first portion of their monorail--so if you can get to the Las Vegas Hilton, you can take the monorails (there are actually two of them) to the other spots on the Las Vegas Strip. However, you still have to take taxis to get downtown right now (the monorail is scheduled to go there when completely finished).


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thanks - thats gotta be the most impressive response ive ever seen.
cheers once again -

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Paul (simo1981),

Glad you liked the response. I forgot to mention that the world's largest buffet is at the Rio Hotel (across from the Palms. I think they cook like 350 different varieties of dishes and serve something like 30,000 people per day. There's also a seafood buffet there if you would prefer that. While you're waiting for the buffet they have an overhead recreation of "Carnival" similar to what you would see in New Orleans or Rio de Janeiro that travels around the casino--with people throwing you beads as they go by.

Also, if you're single--you might want to go to the Hard Rock, Mandalay Bay, or Tropicana hotels for at least one night--since these seem to be the hangouts for the "hard body" crowd--though there are lots of good pools all over town with singles mingling--after all, that is Las Vegas' major activity. Thus leading to the saying--"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".


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The roller coasters on top of the Stratosphere are awesome, especially the "Big Shot" - the most terrifying ride I've ever been on. The free show outside of Treasure Island changed when I visited last year. It was fun to watch, but it was more about scantly-clad male pirates battling scantly-clad female pirates, shots were fired but the boat didn't sink. It was really more about sex than pirates. I'm sure they have a different show on now. You should also consider going to a Cirque de Soleil show. I went to "O" and it was simply magical. I was impressed, even though I had been to a few Cirque de Soleil shows already. Rio puts on a free Mardi Gras celebration with floats and beads and dances and costumes and everything every hour or so. The Aladdin puts on a thunder storm in the middle of their shopping center every 30 minutes or so, which I thought was interesting to watch. The Excalibor has a medieval dinner-show with knights and kings sword-fighting on horses and dragons spitting fire and everything; that was a lot of fun. It's also fun to catch a hypnosis show, where they make some poor audiance members do all kinds of crazy, embarassing stuf;, absolutely hilarious to watch, but think twice before you volunteer! Can't think of anything else to add right now, but Vegas is magical, a play ground for adults. I never thought that I'd enjoy Vegas because I'm not into gambling, but I fell in love with Vegas and didn't want to leave! I miss walking down the strip with a drink in hand, marveling at the gigantic hotels and listening to music blasting from the loud-speakers (cool music, not the elevator variety). Just remember - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So have a blast! ;)