Where would you go if you have 6 month from October to March

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I am planning to go on a trip for about 6 month from October 04 to March 05. I am from europe and I have already seen most of Europe and I don't want to travel Europe this time. My main goal while travelling is to see great nature and countryside(hiking). I am a photographer as well and looking forward to take great nature pictures. I am not so much interested in the big cities. Of course I am interested in foreign cultures as well. I have to add that I like to sleep mainly in a tent and if affordable have a rental car in each country.

My current plan is to travel to the following countries:
USA, Westcoast, National Parks.
New Zealand
(if there is time left :Hongkong, India)

It would be great if you can help me connecting the dots. How long and when would you stay in each place (with in total only 6 month) ? Are these the best countries to visit/see ? Or would you select completly different countries if you could travel in that timeframe (Oct-March)

I am looking forward to your posts. Thanks a lot.

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Hi Andy,

Hmmmmmm . .. a 6 month trip from Oct to March . . . . Well, count northern countries out because that will be winter and winter is cold- too cold for a tent, for sure. And the west coast of North America might be too rainy for a tent unless you have a ground sheet and a good tarp to put over it. It may still be quite wet. In the Rockies in America it can snow at higher elevations, too, even in California.

Hawaii wouldn't be so bad if you have some money to spend- it's expensive. I don't know much about camping there, though, because I have never been there and don't know anyone who's camped in Hawaii.

If you don't mind some bad weather you could still go to America, though, but I think that it might be better to go to the land down under, seeing as that is their summer and you would most likely meet more favorable conditions. The Aussies and Kiwis on this site could undoubedly provide you with better info, though.

Pardon my ignorance, but where on earth is Fidschi?

Those are my comments. Hopefully they're helpful :) Good luck.


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yep, I agree with Steph - there is plenty of camping to be done in Australia and New Zealand to keep you busy for six months. Possibly you could venture into Asia in that time as well, where the weather should be ok at that time I imagine.

You don't mean Fiji do you?? That would be good any time of the year pretty much!


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Hi Peter,

yes I meant Fiji - in German its Fidschi :-)

I guess I will shorten my time in the US and stay there mainly in the southwest. We will travel from Oct'04-March'05. So new plans are:

USA southwest, 3 weeks in October
Hawaii 3 weeks in October-November
Tonga 3 weeks in November - December
New Zealand 4 weeks in December
Australia 7 weeks in January-February
Hongkong 1 week in February
India 4 weeks in March

What do you think ?