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We're off to OZ in October for up to a year campervanning, kiteboarding,diving,Adventuring Everywhere!

It's looking more and more like the easiest option is going to be the ETA visa, good for a year BUT in 3 month increments...catch is that I can't find how long you have to leave before you can reenter!

I love this idea, we can see 3 extra places during our year in OZ, I'm intrigued by just finding a cheap package fare, and going... My husband (this is his life dream trip, mind you) feels that it would be spending too much money and cut our time in OZ short.

Anybody know how long you have to leave, and realistically how much a weekend (or if it has to be a week away) trip outside of Australia could be? I've already been to Bali& Java, and we'll be going to NZ to find work there afterwards. (I'm american, can't get work visa for OZ, but NZ possibility)

Or if finances my my idea TOO unrealistic, how likely is it to recieve an extension on the 6 mos e-676visa?

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Have you checked out the Dept of Immigration in Australia, there is visa info there.

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No rules on how long you have to leave as far as I know. You could get a round trip to NZ and be back within the day, though the immigration officials might question you a bit more than usual as it would be pretty clear what you are up to! Well, at least you are respecting the terms of the visa. NZ flights are pretty cheap these days, particularly if booked well in advance.

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I checked the DIMI site, no specifics.

When my husband's US tourist Visa ran out (before we married!), we tried to visit the British Virgin Islands for the day and get him a new stamp. not only did they not give him a new stamp, but almost didn't let him back into US territory! the only reason they did was b/c he still had 5 days left and brought proof of his bank account; even so, they grilled him almost 30 mins!

We don't want a repeat in OZ, so any ideas where we can get a definate answer, since even the Immigration site didn't say?

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My parents do a similar thing leaving Australia every 6 months, but I'm pretty sure the shortest they've ever stayed away is at least a week. If you want someone to confirm it, then you should phone your local Australian embassy / consulate. Not that they always have the answers :)

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You don't have to leave Australia to apply for an extension to a visitor / tourist visa. You actually have to be in oz to apply. As long as you don't have "no extension" restrictions and you can support yourselves you shouldn't have any problems.

Do it over the internet at least two weekes before your other visa expires.

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Hey Majito, I think the question is regarding the multiple re-entry clause on the 3 month tourist visas, not an extension. Applying for extensions might be a better possibility though - if I understand correctly, it would be possible to extend it for the full year.