Is it true that Americans work more than Europeans?

Travel Forums Europe Is it true that Americans work more than Europeans?

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I have heard that Europeans take work lightly, as Americans live, breathe, eat, sleep WORK. But is not the cost of living high in Euro?
Where is the lowest cost of living in Euro?

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I'm not so sure that's true. The US population on average works longer hours than most countries around the world, but European countries have very high productivity in the fewer hours they work.. Have a look at this page for some interesting observations about global work trends:

In addition Americans have a lot of extra costs that Europeans don't. My understanding is that Americans are having a harder time retiring these days because of the extremely high medical costs. In Europe, where socialism is still strong, people retire earlier, as health costs are lower.

Perhaps Europeans work to live.. whereas Americans live to work :)

Lowest cost of living will undoubtedly be somewhere in Eastern Europe.

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I've heard that Americans only get 2 weeks of vacation a year (ouch!) Here in Canada, it often depends on how long you have been working with a company/ how much experience you have, but people get anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months paid vacation! Both my parents get 4 weeks. I'm a student so I'm not working at all- when I do my vacation time isn't paid because I work for hourly wages and haven't stuck with anything good enough/long enough to get paid vacation benefits (or any, for that matter).