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The problem with a capitalist society is that the weak, stupid and inept are left with little. Clearly, you cant seem to prosper here--perhaps you should try canada.

oh, as one of the few lawyers who posts on this site--i can assure you that american courts are not extremely corrupt. such sweeping statements do little for your credibility. though you may imagine yourself an iconoclast, you should first have some idea of what you are talking about.

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Great post Urban!
I couldn't agree more.

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Quoting curlygurly

I am an Irish teacher and me and my partner, who is a quantity surveyor (cost engineer) plan to move to New England next year for a change and hopefully a better quality of life. We currently live and work in the U.K. and find everything really expensive. I have researched New England and know it's really expensive. I had wanted to live near Boston but it seems impossible as it is so expensive. We are a young couple and would like some advice as to where to go etc. Please help

I guess you would like to be near a metropolitan area. Even the outlying suburbs of Boston could be quite expensive. If you would really like N.E. in general - VT, NH and Maine are relatively inexpensive but again there isn't a huge amount of opportunity for a larger income. Depends on how much you need and what you can live without. There is a very good quality of life living in some of the more area north of the city.

Good luck. Let me know if you want something more specific.

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