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My girlfriend and I have started to look into the possibility of emigrating to Tasmania (we now live in Worcester, England). It's the merest seed of an idea so far, so we're just starting on researching the place, but can anyone offer any advice on what it's like as a place to live?

Thanks in advance!


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Can I ask why Tasmania rather than anywhere else in Australia

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Well from what we've found out so far, it seems the climate is more "English," the wildlife is more... erm... friendly! And it seems to be easier to emigrate - i.e. less hoops to jump through to meet with the immigration requirements.

We are, though, possibly interested in areas like Sydney - being coastal, but also a big city (there's nowhere in England that has the best of both worlds like this)... but I personally don't like it to be too hot and we're not sure about the various things that can bite or sting you etc!! Oh, and it seems you need to be more well qualified to get into mainland Australia.

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Tassie is great. I am in Australia on the WHV and started my trip down in Tassie. My b/f and I toured all round.

From Hobart-Queenstown-Strahan-Burni-Devenport-launceston-Tribunna-Port Aurthur.

I loved it there I am from Scotland and at some points I was saying to my self am i really in Australia I could be driving down a road in Scotland. The senery is just as amazing as Scotland but with a bit more sun and warmer temp esp in north tassie

I dont know if it would be easier to get a permenant or 4 year visa in Tassie than the rest of main land Aus. As the same rules seem apply in Tassie as i had been down to the immi office in Hobart

I found people to be even friendlier in Tassie than on the main land.Lots of local fresh produce you can by and its delicious.The National parks are not to be missed . Gr8 for bush walking.Good Fishing in Tassie(or so my b/f says).Some of the most cleanist waters around Tassie.

I found Hobart to be one of the nicest Citys I have been to ever. It has a lovley water front. And its so easy to get about.And very hard to get lost in that place.Launceston I didnt like so much. But house prices are cheaper in the North than in the South.

Hope that gives you some more information.You can always msg me if you have any questions.

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I have some internet friends from Tasmania (we talk about cars) and they constantly rave about the place.

Keep in mind though that job opportunities will be limited, and you may feel somewhat isolated.

Oh, and the other thing about Tasmania is that a lot of guys end up marrying their sisters !

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If it's climate you're looking for, I would consider New Zealand.