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21. Posted by WonderlandT (Budding Member 40 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

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Thanks, Pradis...but i've channged my mind now to other bon voyage man and don't forget to keep us updated after your arrival there!


No problem cikusang, I also change my plan to Eastern Europe.

Pakdis :)

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Now planning new adventures... May be things will
be better in Nepal by that.

Hi Vilma,

Sounds like you had a Great trip! Hopefully, things will improve in Nepal, if not, Tibet would be a great destination up there in the same area. have you ever thought about visiting Tibet?

So where do you think the next adventure may be to?

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Hello Everybody!!
I arrived from KTM and Pokhara by the beggining of march/05. What I found there was:
- The KTM valley was under the army protection, so if you get there by plane (what I strongly recommend) there is no problem (mind the airport touts!);
- Outside KTM valley the maoist dominate some mountain areas. I went to Pokhara by bus (4 hrs.). Take the tourist buses. The maoist have nothing against the tourist. I saw some burned buses but nobody was inside...
- After comming back to KTM, I went to Chinese (tibetan) border by car (and experienced the bungee... fantastic!!). No problems at all!

So, my tips are: Get to KTM by plane!! AND Try to discover WHEN the strikes will comme up!

Nepal is simply fantastic!!!!
For those going to TIBET, try to arrange stuffs with a Tibetan agency - they provide all the service: the nepalese just subcontract their service... I got very upset when I discovered that!

Nice trip!!