Can anyone help regarding GERMANY/BELGIUM

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Can anyone recommend any good places/cities to go in Belgium and Germany, (be there around late august, early september!)



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Hi Scott,

I really loved Brugge, in the north of Belgium. It's called Venice of the north because the city is criss-crossed by small canals. You can even take a boat ride with commentary (in 3 or 4 languages) and tour the place (plus stop at the market for to-die-for chocolate waffles). On that trip, I spent two weeks in Spain and 2 days in Belgium, and Brugge was the highlight of my trip.


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When i saw this Post I was already goin to big up Brugges. Nice one tway.

I need to honestly say that i have been to almost every country in Europe and Brugges is the most beautiful city I have seen in over 8 years of travel. I highly recommend it. Good Hostel there as well. Called ..ahh...something... Rockets, can't rememebr maybe Jimmy Rockets, errrr.... Charlie Rockets.....ah??

anyway yeah Brugges. Go to the Hobbit Restaurant - great food - all you can eat ribs for like 10 euro. so goooood, Fred Flintstone style :) - its off one of the squares.

ofcourse the usual in Germany, Berlin, Munich, Hidelburg, ...Warzburg is nice, ...nice Cathedral In Cologne.

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Hi Scott,

as far as Germany I can definitely recommend Hamburg and Berlin to you. They are the biggest cities in the country, but both worth a visit. In western Germany Cologne is nice and further south as Jeff mentioned Heidelberg is also pretty.
Well, if you let us know what kind of stuff you're into (museums, sightseing, partying, etc.) and where in Germany you plan to go, I'd be able to give you some more detailed info.
Or feel free to pm me if you've got any questions.


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Thankyou for your help!! Really appreciate it!

What about Austria and Slovenia, good places to see, places to avoid!!!!!

Cheers, again


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hey there
Lubjiana (sp) is a great city - small but charming. nice people. Im headin back for a re-visit next month to visit some friends.

Austria - I love Vienna, dont care much for Salzburg, and Innsbruck is high on my list, but its a small town - if u go, the locals go to a bar called Jimmys but the best nightlife there, is under the train tracks bridge.... hard to explain and find - as I had a Austro-girlfriend, she took me around so i didnt bother watchin where i was goin...sorry

And next to Innsbruck - a much nicer town is called - Hall - i think?(sorry) its the next town from Inns and its much nicer and smaller than innsbruck - and NO tourists.

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Re Belgium:

I found Antwerp to be really pretty, I'd recommend a trip there, if you have time. And just an hour's train ride away is Gent, also worth a visit.

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I lived in Austria for 3 different Summers. One right outside Salzburg, and 2 in "Zell Am See." I think Salzburg is a great place for a day or 2 visit, you can see where Mozart lived, probably catch a concert and look up at the majestic castle up on the hill.

Vienna is a very nice city (and Schoenbrunn Palace right outside the city).

Zell am See is a really nice, quiant village biult on a lake. You can rent a bike and ride around the lake, can hike nearby mountains, can even ski year-round on nearby Mount Kitzsteinhorn (worth a trip to the top to check out the glacier and view on surrounding mountains even if you don't ski).

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In Germany, I loved the Black Forest/Bavaria area around Munich. If you are interested in going to Neuschwanstein Castle (Disney/Sleeping Beauty Castle - definitely worth it) and the highest mountain in Germany the 'Zugspitze', I can recommend you stay in the little town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen as a base. The trip along the Rhine to Heidelberg is also beautiful. Berlin is a great city with HEAPS to do.
In Austria, I thought Salzburg was a beautiful city with plenty to see and do (sound of Music, Mozart's birthplace, nice castle on the hill). Vienna is also a nice city, I went in winter so it was covered in snow just before Christmas - a great time to be there. I hear Hallstatt is an absolutely stunning little town and I would love to go there one day...........
Enjoy your time there! You'll have a ball! A beautiful part of the world :)